Nike Zoom Hyperflight “Total Orange Tiger”

May 20, 2013 | 16

nike-zoom-hyperflight-prm-org-tiger-1-1The Nike Zoom Hyperflight sees a wild colorway as it has been fully decked out with total orange tiger stripes.

As the name states, the whole upper is dominated with a total orange tiger stripe pattern that is offset with hits of black, all on top of a slightly contrasted outsole.

TSG will keep you updated as release information surrounding this release comes up.

nike-zoom-hyperflight-prm-org-tiger-2-1 nike-zoom-hyperflight-prm-org-tiger-3-1 nike-zoom-hyperflight-prm-org-tiger-5-1 nike-zoom-hyperflight-prm-org-tiger-6-1Via SF

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Comments (16)

  1. Heat

    Not feeling these

  2. DeathOverDesigner

    Yeahhhhh these are pretty wack

  3. Prestige

    i like them. *kanye shrug*

  4. AceofJ's


  5. G-Phi 2K6


    LoL I just wanted to say that…I wouldn’t wear them though.

  6. Executive aka NFG

    Theeeeere not great!

  7. I would neva buy or wear them but they are kinda dope. The tiger stripes fit the shoe well imo

  8. A lot to take in visually. That’s for damn sure. I could freak em tho. I wudnt wear a damn nother sliver of orange with em tho

  9. justin

    Hell to the NO

  10. Jarvo

    Holograms >


    i wouoldnt mind seeing a chick in these but you have to have a swagger of a thousand kanyes to pull these off.

  12. aSh

    it sooooo ugly… yet I am strangely drawn to them…

  13. B2sick

    Imma shut shit down on the court with these crazy shoe for crazy game

  14. These will be mine ! And I will demolish a sneaker pic with em. Thank you goodnight

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