Nike Zoom Kobe 8 – New Colorway “Grinch?”

One of the more popular colorways of the previous Nike Zoom Kobe models has been the “Grinch” scheme on the Kobe VI. Although not officially labeled as such, a new image has surfaced via Eric Avar of a new Zoom Kobe 8 colorway.

The shoe may not be as bright as the previous “Grinch” iteration but still holds a similar colorway scheme mixing multiple shades of green on the upper, along with slight uses of black and red.

These have been rumored to release in December, and TSG will be sure to keep you updated on any firm release information.

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  • I mess w/em…

  • bdogg

    i am thinking that is the xmas shoe..would have preferred a chaos as i think that mark up with the camo would look sick. wanna see the inline already..not sure how that will work with a white EM..i think the darker upper the better but we shall see!

  • mackmizzle

    they look kind of fake.

  • Rezhun

    ^dude, that makes no sense…

  • mackmizzle

    ^^ how thats just my opinion bro. they look like the colorway looks like they would be on a fake sneaker website

  • dotsupreme

    lol it really does not^ and i actually like this model

  • Rezhun

    ikr, people can say that the kobe model has started to imitiate prior models, but this shoe looks good

  • It’s so sleek and seamless. This shoe >>>

    Love this colorway too.

  • JBYRD23

    Looking Good If You Ask Me…

  • Guess Who?


  • britt

    i simply cannot fade a basketball shoe with that low a cut. doesn’t even look like a ballin shoe. looks like a shoe u wear to the pool or sumthin

  • Toonice

    I actually have these.. they look better in person and are super comfortable. My first Kobe 8s and I love em! Wayyy more comfortable than the 7s forsure.