Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Galaxy

Just when you thought the Nike “Galaxy” hype has died down, Penny Hardaway comes out with heat like this. Penny was recently spotted wearing a pair of Nike Zoom Rookie LWP in the infamous Galaxy-inspired print throughout the upper. The Nebula-like graphics appears to be more on the brighter side when compared to the Foamposite One version.

The toe box has hues of pink which gradients to a bluish-purple finish as it runs towards the back of the shoe. It also appears that this Zoom Rookie LWP has a glow-in-the-dark outsole. These are unlikely to ever release, but if it did do you think it would have the same hype as the Foamposite One version? via mr. man



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  • TorontoComeUp

    I dig em, but im over the galaxy thing. I hope i dont see that colorway on everything

  • aSh

    ^^^ Word….. Uber over it…..

  • aSh

    And what the f@ck is Penny wearing???

  • Executive

    Oh boy, get the riot squad on standby!!

  • Binary Blues… still feeling some regret on passing up the Binary Blue Rookies!

  • damn i’d sell my sole for these!

    no but really i think mass hysteria would ignite if these were to ever release.

  • No more Galaxy please

  • BorDoughBoy

    Hysteria? Here in the DMV?. . .Ummmm. . . .YES.

  • dotsupreme

    galaxy colorway is not a good look for the sneaker game to much hype around it scrap it imo

  • These are sick.

  • bdogg

    first off it is weird the fact i love the air go lwp and the flight one but the rookie to me is just ok..not sure when i would rock..kinda like the foams to me! i like the foams but they are a bit heavy for me personally. that said, the galaxy rookie is dope.would i cop..probably not. i am kinda over the fact of buying a shoe that i never plan to rock! as per what penny is wearing i try to rock af1 with jean shorts or khaki’s..but that is just me. i rarely rock my kobe’s or jay’s unless i am ballin inside of course! carbon plate exposed=indoors only!

  • YaY

    Hell yeah I would cop. You don’t have to ask me twice.

  • mr. childs

    @4DRUMZ: you cant find them online at a discounted price? I thought they were still around…