NikeiD Hyperdunk Extraterrestrial QS

nikeid hyperdunk


What NikeiD is referring to as their “first ever quick strike” is the Hyperdunk coming with extraterrestrial options.

Celebrating the NBA All-Star East/West colors along with the extraterrestrial theme, NikeiD offers a themed print in two different colors. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from NikeiD with even more prints in the future.

Why are they referring to them as the first quick strike? That is because NikeiD is making the option available for only a few days, starting midnight February 15.


nikeid hyperdunk extraterrestrial

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  • DeathOverDesigner

    Fresh colors!

  • JB

    Nice, can’t wait to see what other prints they add

  • Mamba

    Not surprised about the colors they choose. Dope though