NikeiD: One Can Hope…

For the past few years, NikeiD has added more current signature models including the LeBron series, Kobe series, and even the Air Jordan Spizike. It’s great to see Nike giving the consumers more options of which sneakers they can choose from along with the special options they offer every now and then (mainly with the Air Force 1).

One can hope though, that one day, certain models will appear on NikeiD.

For me, it would be the Nike SC Trainer 2010. There are many reason why, but mainly I like the modern take on a classic ’90s sneaker and I felt the sneaker had plenty of potential for future colorways.

Which model would you like to see on NikeiD?

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  • AJknows14

    I would love to do a Tech Challenge II

  • Tyriq Maxwell

    The REAL jordan 1 retro would be great. I want some tiffany inspired ones. But I hate alpha 1’s. they just look sloppy to me.

  • neal valentine

    I completely torn on classic jordan models for ID, however I know it would be huge. I feel like there are ways to get this done with out undermining the heritage/pedigree of the shoe. for example, if jordan issue a raffle or a scavenger hunt of some sort… for a very limited number of slots for a classic (3,4,6, 11 etc.) then set a limited material selection similar to the AF1 ID… that could be cool. this would ideally be conducted at 21 mercer or something. obviously there are borderline religious issues with even suggesting J’s on ID but it’s doable.

  • SPINS6136

    I’d love to see the Air Max Uptempo. The ones Derek Fisher had som many hot colorways in.

    I’ve always wondered what I could do with those!


    You Already Know!
    That’s a no brainer, The Foamposite One! I mean they pretty much been releasing every color under the sun anyway so NIKE let the people get a crack at making some, LOL.

  • AlSneaks

    I’d like to see the Stab brought back. I think the pegasus 89 would be a good addition as well.

  • Shoe String

    Nike/Jordan always seems to mess up the color blocking on so many models and colorways I’m at the point where I would welcome any shoe on Nike ID. I always find the flaws in non OG colorways and ways to make it better. As far as the Jordan OG’s I wish JB would stick to the actual colors that appeared on the shoes when it first release. Fire Red over Varcity Red Cement Grey and so on.

  • penny’s please!

  • KP


  • Franchise416

    I’d like Nike to make ID available to Canada so I can actually order a pair.

  • TSGside

    Forget about models.. how about expanding the f**king thing to Canada for god sake

  • xkb

    Flyknits, where you could choose the colours for the threads ala the recent HTM drops – now that would be crazy

  • The NewJent

    The only beef I have with Nike iD is that on a lot of shoes I customize I always run into a problem where a color is not available or I color one aspect of the shoe and another is affected with that same color that I may not want that color. (if that makes sense). I hope they make it a truly customizable site where creativity is free range.

  • xkb

    Agree with The NewJent. Sometimes you can CLEARLY see that two sections are supposed to be different, but are grouped as and coloured the same. The recent AM1 update has limited options due to this. Not to mention REALLY limited selection of colours / materials in some cases!

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Keep J’s off Nike ID. It’s bad enough Jordan Brand releases some dumb colorways but I shudder to think of a black/leopard with spikes J’s lmao.