OBJ Rocked Off White Jordan 1s and Custom Supreme x LV Fit

Team Early. Team DIY.

Last night OBJ attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards in Off White Air Jordan 1s and a custom Supreme x Louis Vuitton outfit.

This is the second time this week OBJ has been spotted in in a custom Supreme x LV fit. He posted a DIY video last night of him turning his jeans into shorts. The Supreme x LV collection retails for crazy amounts, so it must be nice to have the confidence to cut your jeans. But I’m a broke boi compared to this guy.

Still no word on when the shoes drop, but honestly I don’t care but I know the beasts do.

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  • Slam

    Obviously the most hypebeast fit of all time. But at the same time, if you got the money, why not flex.

  • Obviously! lmao

    I’m here for the Supreme x LV flip, but I don’t have any items to flip…

  • sirfresh

    I thought they canceled the lv and supreme collab