OBJ’s Nike Air Force 1 Is Nothing To Get Excited About


If you’re going to tease something, please let it be worth teasing.

OBJ teased the tongue of his Air Force 1 on IG and of course that caused some excitement. The shoe was unveiled today and it turns out to be a SF AF1 Mid.

There’s also some story attached about how NY taxis made a big impression on OBJ when he moved to New York. I don’t even feel like voicing my opinion on that.

The shoe isn’t bad, but definitely nothing to get excited about.

Perhaps you disagree. If so, you can cop November 24 on Nike.com.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • DJR

    Pretty much going to be doing what my man Geoffrey is doing on these https://media.giphy.com/media/spriNV4Qh2b3q/giphy.gif

  • What’s interesting G, your writing style and choice of words on this piece would have revealed if you didn’t like them regardless but were still trying to amp them up. The words and tone are purposely dry, just like OBJ’s AF1 Mid’s.

    I don’t follow his feed but can’t believe he teased an AF1 Mid, smh

  • theloverswineverytime

    1 and….whatever many gms they’ve played…minus 1.

  • javi

    Relax hater ?

  • doped up

    Like the color just not the shoe


    Sf is dry period. Just my opinion the whole line is trash

  • this is so good.

  • i think the collab thing is getting played with saying “here is a shoe….it hasnt been made in this color”…..collab completed. to me a collab is so much more than that. blocking, multiple materials, adding a feature, designing something new. not just throwing a paint job on a shoe and calling it new. especially with shoes like the AF1.

  • I just expected more from a guy that gets so much attention and appears to be into style and fashion. Anytime someone starts teasing something I feel it’s some major… or at least good.

    When I saw the reveal this morning I was like, “Oh.” I took that same energy and published a quick post on this “collab” lol

  • Trickx

    yea ummmmm….these are trash.