Odell Beckham Jr. Reps Team Early In Unreleased Hype


Connect game strong.

For a good minute, I was waiting for adidas to announce that Odell Beckham Jr. joined the family.

As of late, he has been rockin’ Nike, and let it be known that he’s connected in these streets. OBJ stepped out in the Gold Supreme Nike Air More Uptempo because that’s what Team Early does.

Let me be respectful and mention The First Lady of shEther, Nicki Minaj – looking like… nvm.

Back to the shoes. OBJ has his pair, but there’s still no release info.

Another win for Team Early.

  • Executive Now is perfect time

    Those tits would get hosed down with man gravy.

  • C Brown

    Shorty said she a gotta Chicken Wing Chain…that shit just aint right man…

  • Aaron Hall

    Say “No” to fake rock-like titties man. Them gold supreme uptempos are growing on me tho.

  • OGedge
  • Kick+Game

    ”Nicki Minaj – looking like… nvm”, I died reading that part. No hate toward her, but c’mon she took a major L…

  • Ray.

    Nike bout to drop victor cruz and pick up beckham..

  • Lmao. No words needed.

  • I’m def not a fan of the fake tits and azz movement. Work with what ya got.

  • I think Beckham is still signed to Nike. I think. I know he was.

  • Lol. It’s great to know my writing and jokes go over well sometimes.

    I’m so used to talking to myself while writing my thoughts in my tone, I’m never sure if people actually laugh.

  • Who said that?

  • sharpie

    I can deal with the fake boobs, but ? ? ? that weave though! Why the only person I could see wearing those Gold Supreme Uptempos would be Odell. Sexual healing alright.

  • Kick+Game

    Bro…that was hilarious. ‘Back to the shoes…’ lmaooooo!

  • Lol glad you got a good laugh.