Nike’s Premier Athlete Odell Beckham JR Spotted Wearing adidas Kit & Triple White NMD

odell beckham wearing adidas

As a premier Nike athlete and face of NFL for the brand, Odell Beckham JR has a lot of learning to do when it comes to social media appearances. Perhaps LeBron James can teach him a thing or two about brand loyalty.

Recently spotted on the soccer field, we noticed OBJ rocking an adidas FC Bayern kit and adidas NMD along with star athlete David Alaba. While the gesture might be innocent and respectful to the team he paid a visit, it’s not a good look for one of Nike’s leading men to be wearing the Three Stripes so blatantly. At least he sort of tried to cover up the logo during a photo-op.

Odell was previously spotted practicing in Yeezy Boosts. So, I guess we can officially welcome the homie to the #BoostBoyz club. We struggle with going back to our nikes, too! Ha!

Source: @rand_getlin

odell beckham wearing adidas kit nmd

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  • Odell is patiently waiting to sign with adi.

  • Executive One:1

    Odelleezy’s coming soon.

  • Pretty much.

  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    Well, he did eff-up wearing the shoes. But cmon, the soccer uniform. Thats the same as when the nfl was outfitted by reebok with jokers repping diff brands on feet. Unless sponsors differ from team to team in that soccer league.

  • DJR

    He must be beefing with Drake too hahahahaha. Nah this doesn’t seem too crazy. AI rocks lots of AF1’s and Harden was wearing Nike’s right when he signed his deal,

  • fook yo

    They do change from team to team. A lot of times part of the adidas contract for the team.. And probably Bayern because it’s such a huge club is that anyone who isn’t sponsored by a company for shoes, and doesn’t play on the team is required to wear adidas on feet at the training grounds. There’s gotta be good reason as to why he’s wearing nmds

  • javi

    Blah blah blah

  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    Oh ok. A’ight i guess O-diggy dropped the ball all-around a lil’ bit then lol

  • Thad Greer

    New territory for Nike. Never really had to deal with their athletes actually wanting to wear other brands.

  • javi