Official Look: Silver Surfer Nike Foamposite Pro


They’re almost here!

I must have been in a coma the last three years, because when the heck did Foams become $250 retail?

Anyway, I’m all caught up with the times to give you a look at the official fresh-out-the-lens pictures of the Silver Surfers, dropping on March 17 for a quarter of a thousand dollars. For those stacks, Nike is giving you a translucent sole, a silver upper and a flashy chrome swish.

A must cop? Let us know.
nike-foamposite-pro-silver-surfer(2) nike-foamposite-pro-silver-surfer(3)

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  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Drop it down to $160(20 year old shoe), lose that stupid cheesy carbon print and I’d cop.

  • Aaron Hall

    Not for 250. If the totals sat then I’d expect the same for these. I’m not feeling the print it throws the whole thing off.

  • sirfresh

    If these came out a 2012-13 they would have made a lot of noise. Free max b

  • Mia Kdeals
  • Word!

  • There’s no way average cats can afford all these damn sneakers. smh

    DMV gonna eat these up per usual tho.

  • Good point!

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Almost $300 for outdated kicks.

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Crazy how the royals are just sitting in the mall near me and in my size too.

  • Boss

    It’s 2017, can we stop giving shoes dumb nicknames that have nothing to do with the shoe? Only Silver Surfer Nike to drop was the dunk that actually had his face on the insole.