How Often Do You Buy Shoes From Physical Retail Stores?

How Often Do You Buy Shoes From Physical Retail Stores?

how often do you buy shoes from physical retail stores

A few days ago news hit the web that Foot Locker is closing 110 stores.

In this day and time I can’t say the news is shocking. However, Foot Locker is the big chain retail store that always comes to mind when I think about sneaker retail.

Is it safe to say Foot Locker is the Nike of sneaker retail? If you disagree, I’m sure you understand what I mean. This news really made me think. I’ve always wondered how often do people go to brick and mortar stores?

With the popularity of Nike Outlet Alert and other in store content I crank out, I can tell that not many people visit stores. Again, this isn’t shocking nowadays because the Internet has made online shopping so easy.

I also know I’m considered old school in my approach of hunting for sneakers as well as going to stores to try shoes on and see them in person. But I’m also heavy on online shopping. Best of both worlds I guess.

To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed going to the mall, hitting mom & pop shops, visiting boutiques and outlets. I grew up with one of those moms that love to shop so I lived in the mall.

When I got older and started driving, I would drive almost anywhere to shop. I guess what I’m saying is I was conditioned since a kid to get up and get out there. At 35, nothing has changed.

Buuuut, I know I’m in the minority in 2018. I asked this question on Twitter and the response was overwhelming, so I had to bring the discussion to the blog.

That said, let’s talk about it in the comments.

How Often Do You Buy Shoes From Physical Retail Stores?

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  • Ray.


    Lol. Nah man its so bad that I check the return policy just in case I gotta send something back.
    I’m so used to a store not having what I’m looking for that I feel like I’m wasting my time even going to there. And in the back of my mind I know thats not true 100% percent of the time, I dont even wanna try it.

    I got a sweatshirt thats been sitting on my dresser for 3 wks that I need to take back to Macys.
    And I just cant bring myself to stop by the mall…
    Yea I know, terrible right..

  • curt diggler

    never! if a pair is carried in the foot stores….i dont want it….str8 up, unless i can resell to a fiend….i know it sounds bad, but i dont cop a pair i can find everywhere. The hunt for the fly pair everyone else slept on, and the ability to pull it off when others give up is what i thrive on when it comes to these kicks.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Yeah, not very much at all nowadays unless i win an in-store raffle. But thats about it.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Boy, you better that damn sweatshirt back to Macy’s before ya be done lost ya money ??

  • OGedge

    I haven’t shopped retail in years. I mostly do outlets and online. I got fed up with retail years ago with sold out releases I wanted, terrible customer service, and releases dropping in price a few months later. There’s also something fun about Nike outlet hunting with finding great deals, and buying sneakers you otherwise would have never bought. Sidenote: while I am saving more, I’m also spending more on Nike because it’s an addiction.

  • Chandler Moore

    I’ve been going back into stores. For a while I was strictly online, but re-sellers and bots ruined that for me lol.

  • Chandler Moore

    You can find heat in stores. I found the American Dollar Air Moneys at a finish line chilling last week. I also got the black hot-punch, and the all white 98’s from Social Status in Tampa.

  • javi

    Don’t forget also cuz you hit up your resell connect quite a bit??

  • javi


  • Ray.

    Man Macy’s got a great return policy.
    I’m straight lol..

  • sinicc

    rarely, but more often lately, especially to check size, or sales.

    going retail i have found that it is easier to find pairs that i like that not many people have, which is more important to me than ‘likes’

  • DC DunKing

    SNKRS, NIKE.COM, A few others I’m sure yall know online but not instore in almost 6 yrs. Unless its the outlet or a specialty store out of town. So officially the last pair would be the Jordan Store, Miracle Mile in the Planet Hollywood in Vegas. A pair of 72-10 11s for half price and still havent worn then

  • Creep

    Stores are just terrible, product knowledge by staff is at an all time low. And if you ask to actually try on a shoe they look at you like you’re crazy.

    Most stuff sitting on shelves will be in outlets anyway. The risk is wondering if your size will sell out or not.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    I only go to the store if I’m not sure about how the show would fit. But I rather stay in the crib and shop online. Going to store is a hassle and the customer service is horrible now a days.

  • David N

    I don’t. I’m Black, they follow me around. Or if they aren’t following me around, the surveillance camera is zoomed all the way in onto my location.