How Often Do You Wait For A Shoe To Go On Sale Before You Cop?

Let’s talk about it.

Waiting for sneakers to go on sale is the oldest smartest trick in the book if you have patience.

It’s a little waiting game I’ve been playing since Nike started going retro crazy many moons ago. A shoe that comes to mind is the Gatorade Total Max Uptempo. I remember patiently waiting for Foot Locker to drop the $160 price tag, and it took forever.

Eventually the shoe went to Nike Outlets for $45-50 (I can’t remember the exact price) and for whatever I didn’t grab a pair. I still don’t know why I didn’t cop, but I still want a pair. My point is that I’ve been playing this game for years when it comes to waiting for prices to drop.

Most recently I feel I’ve been pretty vocal on here about wanting Volt Talarias. I refused to pay $175 for the NikeLab pair, and I didn’t wait to pay $140 for the ’16 version. I just knew in my gut that enough people weren’t checking for Talarias, so I was confident they would go on sale. They did.

However, we know it’s a science to the art of waiting. You can’t wait for price drops with every pair because the demand and quantity is different for each pair.

That said, let’s discuss this topic in the comments as I’m sure everyone has something to say.

How Often Do You Wait For A Shoe To Go On Sale Before You Cop?

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  • theloverswineverytime

    After having to learn my lesson sev yrs back, i wait on every release that im eyeing to go on sale that i figure is gonna sit. Lol, i kinda got two price windows that i go with to determine the kinda sale im lookin for :
    1.Anything retailing for $150 & below, i need that sale that’ll take em down to below $90.
    2. Anything retailing over $160 (which i start to count as basically $200…) just needs to get down to around $100 before I’ll pull the trigger.

  • Erosion

    Anytime I see a shoe sitting around in multiple spots after the release I know they’re gonna end up in Outlets. I’m waiting on Flyknit Royal 1s to scoop under a bill. Only a matter of time. And searching.

  • javi

    So why do u continue to hit up your resell connect ??

  • 1. There’s a host of twitter accounts/feeds that do nothing all day and night but push out release info and promos. Just yesterday I got the Adidas City Sock Gore-Tex from SNS for $171 shipped thanks to one of those feeds. While they might go on sale even further later on (it’ll take awhile to get to $171), I can live with $171 for a shoe with Gore-Tex, the only 100% guaranteed waterproofing I trust on my shoes, down from $230 and much higher at most Euro shops.

    2. When you repeatedly keep finding shoes you bought at retail on sale I’d imagine anyone with some iota of fiscal sensibilities pauses and ponders what’s really happening. Too many shoes can be found on sale now and there’s lots of other things you could do with that extra change.

    3. I admittedly scour other places beyond those twitter feeds mentioned for deals.

    4. Four years ago if you had told me to wait on specific models or don’t buy on release I’d ask if you were stoned. Now, it’s probably the first thing you’ll overhear me try to figure out before the release. There’s been a TON of releases this year where the shoe sold out immediately from the first few shops that got them but as others got their stock they ended up sitting and later going on sale.

    The hype is so fake at times and won’t lead to sales I genuinely feel sorry for brands that are basing future estimations and direction off of it.

    In all, you can’t watch what’s happening and not buy low if you have any basic financial sensibilities about yourself. Buying low also helps make up for those few, hopefully rare occasions you want a shoe so bad you went the resale route.

  • DJR

    Not gonna lie I don’t regularly wait because most of the sneakers I want do sell out or I’ll have a connect to get a discount. The key is this though fellas, if there’s a sneaker that’s Nike that you really want, first buy it from Nike directly. Don’t ever wear it because as long as the sneaker is new you can return it whenever. So then you can wait for that sneaker to go on sale, buy it from wherever you want and then just return the Nike one when you do find it on sale. If you don’t find it on sale, at least you got the sneaker you wanted.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Exxxxxxxactlyyyyy!!! Lol, i actually did do that with the chutney 13 low….twice. Bought the 1st pair for retail, Sat on it til i seen it down to $140 on FNL…so i jumped on that. Returned the retail pair, then a lil’ later on saw it for $105 during a flash sale on ndc….jumped on THAT & then returned the $140-pair to FNL. I’m pretty much ready to wear em now being that im NOW pretty content with that final price i paid for em. ?

  • Solegleaux

    I used to buy immediately, until I started really getting into the sneaker market and noticing that the shoes I thought were dope and had to have on the day of release for $240 were now on sale for $140 a month later. Now unless I know it’s a sellout or it’s something I absolutely have to have, I wait. As many sneaker vendors as there are, some of these places will debut a shoe that’s 40% off. People who aren’t sneakerheads are getting ripped off left and right

  • curt diggler

    i copy and search skus religiously to avoid being had…lol….the key is to check overseas because they dont want what america wants the majority of the time. Seems like the quality sells out faster overseas while hype runs the US market

  • javi


  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol, iono though… That adidas superstar is bring pretty stubborn right with that price: Lowest i seen was $130 so far.

  • curt diggler

    I know….I’m patiently waiting sir

  • javi

    Iono iono iono wildin wildin wildin hoss hoss hoss

  • OGedge

    All the time. Unless they’re Jordans (OG colorway), I ain’t messing with retail. However I will say I don’t wait, anytime you’re expecting a specific sneaker to drop at the outlet you’re bound to be disappointed.

  • sharpie

    I”m about the mindset that if its new and popular shoe I really like the vapormax I can wait until the following year to cop. Things I like but don’t really like I’ll wait until them mofos hit the clearance rack. If I happen upon them on a visit to the outlet cool if not oh well.

  • sirfresh

    Until you wait too long

  • Mr. Wombatt

    You might want to check out Bait’s sale section. I just picked up the LE Superstar for $90 shipped.

  • El Fenomeno

    its a feeling, you just have to try and see what the hype gonna be like. For example any jordan 11 gotta be copped on release day, but the 14 you can wait a bit because few people hold that shoe in high regard. you can still find 14s on any major retailer’s website for sale and get a deeper discount with a clearance code.

  • Co-sign dude…That last line though. At the risk of sounding like one of those spam ads… I knew about BTC when it was well below what it’s going for now. I’m kicking myself at all the shoes I’m selling, impulse buys, many I later saw on sale for under retail and you know where all that wasted money could have gone? Crypto currencies.

    Play that shit right and you can buy the store…not just a few pairs in it.

  • +icted2kix

    I try to wait as long as possible but I wear the most popular size men show in the world (or what feels like it) so I can’t wait for long. I’m waiting for these legion green foams to go on sale now.

  • +icted2kix

    Smart man… That’s using your head!

  • theloverswineverytime

    ? Wtf, you gotta go through some James Bond-type security steps just to open up an account on that bih. ?

  • curt diggler

    Preesh, but size gone.

  • javi

    Relax hype?

  • Chris Gale

    Well when this happens for me it is usually a pair that I like but wouldn’t buy…then I see them on sale for a steal then I get them. But with pairs I’m in love with I buy immediately even if I don’t think they will sell out because I dont want to take that chance.