Old People Rockin Heat Part 5


Sorry for the wait.

I didn’t realize it’s been so long since Old People Rockin Heat Part 4. I would also like to apologize to the guy on Twitter who asked when Part 5 was dropping. I know, this was supposed to drop weeks ago.

Well here it is! A new installment of everyone’s favorite feature, Old People Rockin Heat. I need a huge favor in order to keep this series thriving with diversity, laughter and litness – submit photos because I can’t catch everything. Not to mention, your mom, granny, pops, uncle or grandfather might pull out a fresh pair one day.

Keep that in mind because people ask about OPRH all the time, but if I don’t have a decent amount of photos, I just keep pushing it off. For example, Part 5 is seriously lacking women. I was about to call this one “Old Men Edition.”

Ok, y’all get the point. Send photos to TheShoeGame.com [@] gmail.com.

Enjoy and let us who killed it in the comments.

Old People Rockin Heat Part 5


The only lady first.

When Bred is life!

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  • MelloYelloMD

    Silver Swag da gawd with the 3-peat lol

  • fook yo

    #7 got some swag for real. he look cool af. like ay lets go to dennis crib and chill with his pops lol

  • Cochise

    Shout out to my uncle Big Cooker with the Doernbecher 3s

  • Indeed! 3-peat shawty. lol

  • Lmao! That seasoned swag.

  • I didn’t even know. Someone had to me. Shouts to you and Frank.

  • i was just saying to myself i would chase him down for those lol.

  • yes please keep this going its sooo good. and your right. it can sometimes not be believable lol.

  • I most def will. If you see anything out there, shoot me an email.