Packer Shoes x Solebox x adidas Energy Boost


Usually the Ultra Boost is the main attraction, but the Energy Boost bodied the Ultra Boost in the Packer Shoes x Solebox adidas Sneaker Exchange collaboration.

The colorway is too clean, and I can’t recall another Boost infused shoe that looks like this Energy Boost. The Ultra Boost in this project is just okay, but the Energy Boost is the real winner.

Since the Energy Boost isn’t as popular as the Ultra Boost, the good news is sizes are still available. If you need a pair, you can cop by clicking here.

Which pair do you prefer?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Yeah man, them Energys look pretty good.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Aaaww, hell no, G-Roc. You left a link to the wrong retailer as far as im concerned ?


  • Yeah they are clean. I like what they did with the colorway.

  • What’s up with that? Why?

  • javi

    Control your thirst hype

  • theloverswineverytime

    Backdoor City out that bih, lol. Like, too much of it though. The B&M in Phi is just dumb with it now. They post all week about having a release that’s goin down as Fcfs, get 100+ folks lined up out there…..
    ….then be out of stock for that release after….what, maybe 10 ppl (?) are in & out of the store. Or they’ll tell folks in line that there are only 20-25 prs but will be sold out after 9 folks are in & out (with 1 pr-limit/customer). Not a fan of how they’ll also let what’ll basically be one person (with the help of others taking his $$$ and getting him extras) walk out with 5 or 6 prs either. I just figure i dont need to worry about what theyre gonna be releasing when its other dope sneakers out there that i can get from somewheres else.

  • Ray.

    Thats a top notch colorway right there!!

  • javi

    Calm down hypebeast and stop complaining. It’s just fucking shoes man. Don’t u got better things to do than worry about what other shoe u gonna throw in your closet??

  • I’m with you on the energy boost. The shiny plastic overlay and slightly oversized shop logos on either shoe of the UB feels misplaced and unnecessary. Something about it bothers me to the point where I carted it several times and just didn’t cop. On foot looks less than convincing.

    The Energy Boost handles this all much better imho and the small details are insane. Looks like they’re available at enough US and UK destinations to hold out for a BF sale or promotion.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Truuuue. Ima see about em in a couple wks.

  • TBH I’m not sure which shop doesn’t back door anymore? I was shocked last year to learn from a verifiable source that a particular West Coast shop I “held” in higher regard back doored all day like nobody’s business.

    I’m sure all don’t but so many do I’m just curious if whether we need to start sharing that info and discussing the good ones so they can get more business?

    One of my first experiences with UBIQ – Called them twice the morning of the release of the Saucony “Dirty Martini’s”. Spoke to a chick the first time and then a guy the second time. Both swore that the Martini’s were a US/UBIQ exclusive. So I paid slightly over retail after striking out on their pitiful online launch.

    We all know now, that it was a worldwide release, with mad pairs eventually sitting and then being discounted stupidly low after awhile. There was no need to pay resale or even retail. I later realized that while I have no direct evidence it’s highly likely UBIQ and other shops that have done this before do so to a. sell out in their store and have a “successful” release, b. maintain and fuel the hype of the shoe and make it seem more exclusive and elusive than it really is.

  • javi

    Of course you are I wouldn’t expect anything less from you hype ?