People Really Want A Pair Of Levi’s Jordan 4s Now

What about you?

Jordan Brand added more anticipation to the Levi’s Jordan 4 release with these photos.

Last night Jordan Brand dropped a feature with an artist who distressed his Levi’s Air Jordan 4. Not only did he distress them, but he also freaked them out with paint.

I immediately saw people who said they were good on this drop switch it up after these images surfaced. I won’t front, I wasn’t impressed with this collab, but it’s exciting just thinking about the customizing possibilities.

I’ve never been one to customize my kicks due to fear of doing a horrible job and messing up my shoes. But as long as you do proper research and have a vision of what the end goal is, you should be good. As for reworking this collab, I don’t think you can “mess up” this shoe because it’s completely denim.

Take a look at the other photos and share your thoughts.

Do you have a change of heart or were you already interested in this pair?

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  • Executive IV E M E S I S

    Not that serious to me, just another shoe that will send people into a fake frenzy only to be forgotten in a week or 2 then, repeat. Some life, I tell ya.

  • curt diggler

    i like em…..but with only 2 shops in atl, i smell raffle and im out at that point

  • DJR

    I definitely want a pair along with that jacket but the chances of me actually getting a pair for retail is slim to none. I’ll live though if I’m unable to cop.

  • Ray.

    I like em even less now..

  • sirfresh

    the distressed look makes it look dope but it’s too much paint for me

  • theloverswineverytime

    Nah, i aint a fan of this custom job. The kicks are cold as is.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Yup, u right.

  • javi

    But your still drooling over them hype?

  • javi

    Your one of those people hype?

  • C Brown

    These are gonna be impossible to get I already see it coming…

    On another note…some kid told me Jays was dead..

  • Creep


  • curt diggler

    they just about are besides the limited pairs….dead is not the word….nothing to go crazy about is more like it

  • curt diggler

    the bastards at nike actually paid a grown ass man to do this…lmao…..shouldve let kids do it and donate to a worthy cause, not to no manchild sneaker fucker-upper!

  • C Brown

    I’m don’t know man….seems like JB can pull these kids back in whenever they want…I’m looking at the release calendar for the next few months and seems like cats will be going crazy…damn wish i saw that kid again so I can ask him why Jays was dead ????

  • Curious how many shoes you have?

    For me it’s no longer serious because of this realization you’ve pointed out, to which I’ve had my own epiphanies, having better things to do with my money like “investing” and having more shoes to undeadstock than the average human being will buy in a lifetime.

    There’s lot’s of trash out there moved by nothing more than fake hype.