Is Eric Koston’s Sneaker Shopping Interview the Best To Date?

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I just watched Eric Koston’s Sneaker Shopping episode.

If you’re familiar with Koston, you know he’s a Triple OG in the shoe game. Before watching, I kept seeing so many people saying this is hands down the best Sneaker Shopping interview to date.

Eric has always been known to be passionate, knowledgable, and honest about sneaker culture, so you don’t get watered down or safe answers, which is something everyone can appreciate.

Watch the episode below and drop your thoughts in the comments.

In other news, Bella is still getting roasted for her “homeboy is gonna like… get it” comment. Hilarious! The Internet will forever be undefeated.

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  • $Matt

    This is pretty cool. Growing up me and my buddies skated. I remember having talks about Kostons 3rd shoe resembling th AJ12. Also Stevie Williams first pro model with DC Shoes was based off the AJ12. Osiris was big back then too with the D3 and I heard they were actually doing a retro of that shoe.

  • curt diggler

    Damn g…I’m disappointed you even asked that question. But you do have more readers that are into dude than the cats who just buy kicks to stay fresh so I get it…I’ll let them cook. To sneaker geeks it probably is the best, but casual consumers didn’t make it past the first couple minutes if that much. Once I saw the title I knew it was an easy pass.