Pete Wentz Spotted Rockin’ Air Yeezy 2’s

Pete-Wentz-Nike-Air-Yeezy-2Since the Nike Air Yeezy 2 released in June 2012, its become one of the highly sought after sneakers out today. The resell prices has even skyrocketed past the $2500 mark. There are some people out there who have trouble wanting to wear rare sneakers, but there are also folks who doesn’t care about prices or rarity like this person here.

This celebrity spotted here have been supporting and rocking Nike Air Yeezy’s since the beginning. Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz has been recently spotted rockin’ a pair of Solar Red Nike Air Yeezy 2’s.

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pw2Images: UH

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  • Dafuq is a pete wentz?

  • aSh

    He’s related to Alex Comez…. lmao!!! Sounds like a porno name!!! I’ve already patent that name by the way…

  • ^^^ Kcufing thank U !!! ^^^

  • Lilweeweemane

    He doesn’t care about no damn shoes….. He got em for free!!!!!!

  • SBedge

    My porno name is… Mr.23Inches

  • ^^^ That lil nugget of info is best suited for ladies on a vic-secret blog^^^