Pick 3 Sneakers That You Want To Re-Release

This should be interesting.

Let me start off by saying you can pick sneakers that are not featured on graph.

In the world of re-releases, I was curious what sneakers do people want to see re-release. So, I put together a little chart with just a few sneakers that I know some people wouldn’t mind seeing drop again.

Take a look and share your picks in the comments. Remember, you can include sneakers that are not featured because ultimately the conversation is about 3 sneakers you want to see re-release.

What are your 3 picks?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • DJR

    Sticking with this chart Tokyo 5’s, Yeezy 2’s and those Amsterdam 1’s. Bonus pick(s) the Cool Grey 4’s and or the Lightnings with Nike Air on the back.

  • OGedge

    1. Paris Dunks 2. Freddy Krueger 3. Mags

  • C Brown

    Teyana Taylors?? You trolling G??

  • curt diggler

    kd iv galaxy, teyana joints, and id resell them fugly turtle dove joints.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Public Enemy joints….ASAP. And i’d take the denim dunk.
    I like the bron 8s but they dont move me like anymore to run around tryna get em


    Cool grey 4, lightning 4, galaxy kd 4. All the 4s. Those tempos will be back b4 u know it. If the 5s drop they will be impossible to cop. Kobes are easy to get on ebay or mecari. Yeezys are just expensive lol. The bape superstars are all over ebay. Idk too much about the rest lol.

  • theloverswineverytime

    ? That up there is just from the chart.
    But i neeeeeed the Orange tiger max plus (done the RIGHT way, w/o all the fckn yellow) & flash sb dunk lo, to go along with them P.E. Vans

  • javi

    You need every sneaker ever made hype????

  • $weet rigo

    Cool grey 4s, stash af1s, and turtle dove 350s

  • javi

    You need every release ever dropped hype over and over again ??

  • sirfresh

    Denim 4s

  • Ray.

    First of all…Patta Parra AM1s!!
    Secondly, DMP 6s
    and Bloodbath BOG Pumas..

    I got a whole list of honorable mentions tho!!

  • Ray.

    You know those cool greys are coming back either this year or next..

  • Ray.

    and low key.. the AM90 Moire, AM90 Independence Days, and Salmon Toe

  • Sleepy

    Navy blue and white LeBron 3s……flint 13s…….and them khaki and pink Willie d’s fat Joe had

  • Sleepy


  • Lesuel Brown

    Nike Air Penny 1 White/Royal, Nike Zoom Vick 1 Black/Red, Nike Air Zoom Diamond Black/White. My 3 GRAILS!!!!!!!

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    Black varsity 6s, Chicago 1s, son of gloves (any color).

  • Ray.

    where u from man??

  • DC DunKing

    NIKE SBs would be #1, gotta get another pair to Un DS the 1st pair I got. Id say the Stash AF1s and maybe the Patta Air Max. But Nike can start releasing GS Nike Dunk His again tho

  • DC DunKing


  • Han Lee

    Sprite and solar red lebron low 8s….berry sander joints from 96…i think they are the zoom turf

  • SpecDotSign

    Amsterdam AM1
    Amsterdam AM1
    Amsterdam AM1
    There. Those are my 3.

  • Sleepy

    Charleston sc

  • Ray.

    yea i thought so.
    I dont know of any other places that says willie ds

  • Sleepy

    That’s exactly y I replied af1s to myself…..u from here also????

  • Ray.

    Nah I used to stay in walterboro, but i played in da chuck…
    My moms in summerville now tho..

  • Sleepy

    True….i knew you had to have been here at least to know that one or close