Polow Da Don x Air Jordan 6 Retro

Keri Hilson and Polow Da Don was spotted having dinner at STK Steakhouse in West Hollywood last night. Producer Polow Da Don doesn’t look like he’s been missing any meals, and he decided to rock the Air Jordan 6 Retro in black/varsity, or is it black/infrared? Infrared vs Varsity Red, the debate continues. Ha!

Photos: Rap-Up

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  • P

    Those are the varsity reds.

  • Yezzir

    Look like polow bout to go dead in on Keri

  • Supa B

    Keri is a bad ass chick…been had my eye on her since ’06 when she did that “Happy Juice” track with Snoop & Stat Quo.

  • Uhhhh, Keri Hilson > your Jordan 6’s Polow. lol

    On another note, I need to rock my pair.

  • L’z

    damnn i remember him w/ rich boi and the track throw some D’s on that bitc..
    he was type skinny baq then. ya mans eating now, like really eating ! sheeszzz !

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Me and my son rocked ours a couple days ago. Would you believe they got these at flightclub for $300 somethin. Crazy!

  • Royal S

    Why would you go to dinner with Keri Hilson dressed like that ?

    @Executive aka Kott, you never lie. Out in Cali, the Flight Club L.A also got them for $300, $300, $300. Really flight club.

  • word to Yezzir… I mean… damn… Are they headed to the HEEZY or what??
    Look like they just came from filling Polow’s gullet and now about to STRAIGHT GET IT IN.
    “a t-bone steak/cheese eggs & welches grape/ conversate for a few/ cuz in a few/
    we gone do/ what we came to do ain’t that right, boo?/



  • J O P

    Damn Jamal… We’ve both blown up since college but I’m not developing cankles nukka!!! LOL… He wears a sz12, so he really is getting big… those look like sz9’s!!!
    Keri and Jamal are like brother and sister… stop allat.

  • Is it me or does Polow got some small @ss feet?……….

  • we just messin’!

  • J O P

    Nah @Alex… read my post.
    BTW – I got my size on Saturday…. Chea’.


  • YaY

    ahhh, aint nothing better than eating steak with a fine a$$ chick and then getting it in after. Either varsity red or infrared, Air Jordan VI ,enough said.

  • Bigfam

    Shout out to Polow the Don that’s my dude like his productions alot definately a innovator when comes to crafting that material ya dig Ms keri baby looking sexy and all that big ups to her too…I might of rocked my Blk/Varsity red 6’s like 3 times love them joints some my fav j’s in my arsenal of J’s dig. I can’t wait to Un’Ds the Infra Red Pack LoL!!!! F it i might go throw on the (2000) release infra red’s today…see what inspirations does!
    @R E E- You shot out fam for that (Biggie)quote dead on true LoL!!!

  • lol… looks like varsity to me. He looks happy and full. She just looks beautiful as usual

  • aaron

    300 awwww sh!t time to dig those out!

  • Big Game

    Those are the Infrareds, the Varsitys have black paint surrounding the visible air unit. The VIs that Polow are rocking have white paint surrounding the visible air unit thus making them the Infrareds, unless he customized a pair of Varsitys.

  • J O P

    They’re Infra…

  • Chaz

    Dude was getting swole, now he just big.

  • That guy

    Overrated food overrated chick and overrated sneaker

    But id still smash
    I’d still rock the kicks
    And I’d still eat there

  • Stevie Westside

    @G-roc : i need to rock mine too, been sittin in the box for a minute now