Preview of Nike KD 10 Colorways


Get ready!

Kevin Durant debuted the KD 10 in Game 1 of the Warriors/Spurs showdown.

It what should’ve been a Spurs win, the Warriors were able to defeat the Spurs, thanks to Kevin wearing the KD 10. HA! I cracked a little joke.

In case you missed the game, Golden State won because Kawhi Leonard had to leave the game after an ankle injury. Oh, and Tony Parker was missing in action too!

As for KD’s new shoes, they will be releasing very soon with the anniversary colorway dropping on May 26. The  white KD 10 will drop on June 1.

Nike will release more than enough colorways, and here’s a preview of three colorways, including an Oreo colorway.

Do you like what you see? Hit the comments to express yourself. 

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  • Oreo colorway doesn’t look bad at all, but still so similar to the KD 9.

  • Executive

    Kinda dope. I’m getting closer and closer to buying a few pairs of the modern kicks, I absolutely love the Kyrie 3 and now this one and definitely the Lebron 14 in which I was at a store and literally walked right past a pair being too deep into this milfs ass to even realize.

  • russellerving

    It does.
    I can’t imagine it’s decidedly different from the 9.
    It’s a great design though.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Goddamn it!! I just seen a vid from Nightwing where he points out some diffs in comfort & fit. ?Cant remember which one he favored though

  • javi

    Settle down hype it’s only a shoe smfh

  • Cabrera Hernandez