Proof That The “Hare” Air Jordan 7 Retro Is The Best Remastered Release Yet

photography by Ray Polanco - @rayp_photos -- contact

Photography by Ray P. for

Only 5 months officially into the Jordan Brand Remastering Initiative, the reception from the public hasn’t been the greatest. It could be a result of releases that didn’t catch the eye of many, however on May 16th that will all change. An all time favorite for Jordan Fanatics is dropping and Jordan Brand got it right.

From the soft and smooth nubuck to the thick leather, the “Hare” Air Jordan 7 finally feels like a true remastered classic has been delivered.

TSG was able to get hands on the 2015 release nice and early so we’ve decided to show you just how great the quality and build of the “Hare” 7 is. Enjoy.

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photography by Ray Polanco - @rayp_photos -- contact photography by Ray Polanco - @rayp_photos -- contact photography by Ray Polanco - @rayp_photos -- contact

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  • Pat Mcfeely

    Crease city boi

  • omar najeeb

    Meh, I’m still good here. I still like the hare 1’s better.

  • javi

    Hoss hoss hoss i concur I concur I concur

  • Lickmysneakers

    i honestly havent seen them in person. need to check on that

  • valdeaunia

    Very nice lighting.

  • unionstation

    bourdeaux >


    Rabbit hunting


    Rabbit foot

  • Laced Heat

    funny you guys say that cuz if you go on they did a comparison between the OG, the CDP and the 2015 release and there is a shit tons off differences between the OG and this new release. I thought this remaster initiative was supposed to make the shoe as close to the OG as possible which has not been the case

  • Blood

    glad i got them both