Prynce – What Da Dec Been Missin Mixtape

April 8, 2009 | 16
Prynce - What Da Dec Been Missin Mixtape

Prynce - What Da Dec Been Missin Mixtape

This doesn’t have anything to do with sneakers, but this mixtape is brought to you by the sneaker collecting beast, Greg Street. Prynce is a new Konvict/Def Jam artist from Atlanta that reps the eastside of ATL known as Decatur. His wordplay is like no other, so download his mixtape What Da Dec Been Missin and your iPod will thank you. Check it out and enjoy!

Download: DJ Greg Street & Prynce What Da Dec Been Missin

Track list after the jump…

Prynce - What Da Dec Been Missin Mixtape

Prynce - What Da Dec Been Missin Mixtape

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

Comments (16)

  1. $matt

    cam’ron crime pays may 5th

  2. TorontoComeUp

    ohhh man, this dudes sick, only time u go hard is when theres hoes in your house

  3. TorontoComeUp

    cam’rons done, jadakiss, the last kiss, album of the year so far

    and for all you lupe fans, therse a snipit of his song, shining down with mathew santos, ohhhh man, makings of another classic hit

  4. TCU my fav is probably #2. Street was telling me about Prynce, and now I see. Flow is dope!

  5. $matt

    jada haha hes alright for a raspy voice but no where near album of the year…. how bout that new lox album in the making???

  6. TorontoComeUp

    lox album is coming this year, yo groc, did u get the yeezys? u never said if u like the shoe or not, even if u dont like it, its a historical shoe

  7. ^No I didn’t get them. Dope shoe though.

  8. Certified1

    Shouts out to Cyhi,Sidell, The Prynce…. Pls do NOT sleep on this dude. Stupid flow!

    Certified Ent.
    Botchey Ent.

  9. xxcoreyxx

    Descent mixtape
    wordplay was definatley there
    “imma die a Mac like Bernie”
    YIIIKES! The ode to Georgia
    track was the most unique
    Givin the right marketing canal
    the A might B on to C anotha D-scent rapper!

  10. xxcoreyxx

    R.I.P. Bernie Mac too

  11. Scoop

    yo g look out for this group from atl named SKY HIGH!!!

  12. TorontoComeUp

    man hows chamillionaire doin down there, hes my favorite southern rapper, he got the punchlines and the sick hooks

  13. Vagrant Pistol

    thanx for the D/L

  14. MIKE

    Man i knew my man would make it… he my sister friend and i remember she use to play hoodlums(the group he with) cd all day like they was superstars and i remember when they got with Sho’nuff records and then they never got played on the radio. i felt good when i saw this download cause he earned it


  15. MIKE

    reppin hard for the eastside

    redan road stand up

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