Purple Punch Nike Air Huarache

Purple Punch Nike Air Huarache is coming to America…

purple punch nike air huarache

Patience is the key to life… and consistency.

Some of you probably saw the OG Purple Punch Huaraches dropped overseas last month. I have good news for everyone in the states, this original colorway is dropping next month.

No cap. I’m serious and it’s not a rumor. Nike confirmed the drop and retail price. The release date is set for April 5 and retail price is $130.

This is a big deal to OG heads and Huarache collectors, so heads up.

How many Huaraches do you own and is this a must cop or easy pass?

Purple Punch Nike Air Huarache

Photo: Titolo

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  • theloverswineverytime

    These is cool. I did grab the pink/royal “OG”. i think i have nine, maybe ten pairs of huaraches.

  • DJR

    Nike thinks their slick. These basically just came out 2 years ago. I had them but sold them. I’m not really into huaraches like I use to be so I own a pair of highs that I hoop in from time to time and only 1 pair of lows. These are a pass for me.

  • Executive chemical

    $130?? Gonna have to skip a payment on my Wraith if I’m gonna cop.

  • javi

    Or maybe a couple dozen pairs??

  • russellerving

    These are dope, for sure.