Ray Allen’s “Ring Ceremony” Air Jordan 11 PE

ray allen air jordan 11 xi pe ring

Ray Ray’s new PE.

Tonight the Miami Heat will receive their 2012-13 Championship ring before they face the Chicago Bulls. For this special occasion, Jordan Brand‘s Ray Allen will be wearing an exclusive Air Jordan 11 dubbed “Ring Ceremony.” Look for these bad boys in tonight’s game, and we all know how Ray gets down by now, so don’t be surprised if he pulls out another exclusive Retro Jordan after halftime.

Photo: Jim Ice

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  • 23edge

    I’d rather have the version from his days with the Celtics
    Tonight: Bulls > Heat

  • @23edge – I’d rather see a gold patent with clear outsole version.

    And we shall see. It’s going to be a good game either way.

  • Executive aka links n grits

    On eBay for the low price of $15,999!

  • omar najeeb

    In-kcufing-cindiery!!! Get ’em, Ray! And uh…good lookin out on that madness in gm 6. Old haters really wanted to “do” y’all, huh…

  • omar najeeb

    Co-sign, in that the gold n grn joints are dope. But these ones are doper. For the haters, still…HAIL HEAT!!! Lol

  • Justin

    Gold and green for me…also think the red bottom hurts the shoe

  • Action figure legs

  • They look good on the court but I couldn’t see myself rocking these casually. Not like I would ever have an opportunity to anyway.

  • omar najeeb

    Lol @ merlot…word! those limbs look plastic than a muhphukah!