Reebok Question Returns in 2012

Reebok back, and with a shoe that never gets old, the Question. The classic Allen Iverson signature shoe will return next year in the original white/red colorway. No details regarding other colorways, but you can expect to see the white/red color-up make its way back into stores sometime next year. Reebok has never had a problem bringing back AI’s kicks, but we are all waiting for Reebok to drop sneakers from their Shaq, Frank Thomas, Emmit Smith, and Shawn Kemp vaults. Reebok, we are all patiently waiting.

Source: sneakerboxClyde

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  • mclovins nephew

    Hmmm, I might actually cop em this time around. Make sure John Wall gets a matchin pair for the new Wizards unis

  • John B.

    yep i need these…and yes reebok…we are all patiently waiting..

  • Its crazy that I love this sneaker but Ive neva copped a pair. Defin need to change that and get a pair of these.

  • MelloYelloMD

    Now we are getting somewhere!


    Hell yea I would love to get some Big Hurts’ !!!

  • yes i can’t wait to get this colorway, and i’m patiently waiting for the other throwbacks as well

  • Mike_Sneekz

    nice!!! owned a few pairs of the ogs and looking forward to these, to be honest, i havent own a pair of reeboks since the allen iverson days…questions and answers pleeeze!

  • NICE! I had a pair of these in this CW and smashed em’… wore em’ to the ground! I have always wanted the white/metallic-blue CW! I NEED that CW… not the felt blue… the metallic-blue!!!

  • atgbryan

    had a pair “back in the day’, will def be grabbing a pair next year

  • Rorro

    I will be waiting for the Kamikazes 1 and Shaqnosis…

  • northpole

    yes sir the coldest shoe he iverson ever wore

  • northpole

    the coldest shoe iverson ever wore. let me know the exact day the questions come out.

  • i need these in my life had them back in jr high g roc keep us updated im really excited about this release