Reebok Shaqnosis 2013 Retro – Upcoming Colorways

February 4, 2013 | 10

Reebok-Shaqnosis-2013-OGFollowing up the successful re-introduction of Shawn Kemp’s signature Reebok Kamikaze II will be another legendary player set to make some noise in 2013. Shaquille O’Neal’s Reebok series will also make a return starting with the classic Shaqnosis model. The dizzying pattern of the Shaqnosis will return in a few new and OG colorways like these two versions shown here.

One pair is in a OG black/white combination and the other colorway sports an Invisibility Cloak-like look with scale-like patterns throughout. Look for these to release in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates.

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Images: kidulty

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Comments (10)

  1. yung crac

    og colorway been waiting all my life! second pair u can keep! i’m smoove

  2. Edson

    OG are mine

  3. Guess Who?

    I’m liking that new twist they put on it with the second pair not your conventional colors but the way they did it without over doing it is a good risk imo

  4. JB

    I’m feeling both of those colorways

  5. aSh

    I am really leaning towards the second pair…
    @GuessWho? I agree… it’s well balanced

  6. 4DRUMZ

    OG CW is proper!

    I must admit that the black/snake/red CW is not a catastrophe… they will likely release an insulting CW or two (as with the Kami’s)… but that’s not one of them IMO

  7. these will definitely be mine…first pair of reeboks since i got some dee brown pumps in 2008

  8. omar najeeb

    I gues one can’t deny the og joints. Them othrs ar kinda cold too tho. $#!t mayby both

  9. officialkickz

    I’d cop both before the CWs get too crazy. Reebok is making a strong comeback in my closet over the last few months

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