A Release Date Is Now Official On The Fabled Motorsport Air Jordan 4


It’s really happening.

For years, these tantalized sneakerheads and set blogs on fire.

We saw pictures but no evidence. So few in the world, they said, you may never see a pair in real life.

Now, 10 years after they surfaced as a hyper-exclusive release, a chance at copping has become a reality.

The only difference between the original and the new-new is the lack of a Mars symbol on the heel.

But these Jordans, Motorsport name and all, will be dropping soon. You’ll have your chance on March 25, for the price of $190.

It’s really happening.

Now that you finally have a shot, will you be copping?

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  • Executive aka Gorgeous


  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Love 4’s but these never moved me.

  • fook yo

    love them. theyre going nuts with these and the KAWS thats two id actually buy within a month. but would i wear them? think i left that phase. nice shoe though

  • yes. yes and yes. i wont try for that kaws tho. thats gonna be murder lol.

  • Slam

    Let ’em sit and gain some resale value..

  • fook yo

    Eh they’re not worth much though. To get any real value were talking 5 -10 years and by chance it goes up. Might as well flip at volume now or just be happy and wear them if u like them. They’ll retro again once the masses realize they slept. lmaoooo.

  • “Now, 10 years after…..”

  • Brendan Sheehan


  • Where’s Mars?