Reseller Gets Robbed While Trying to Flex $10,000 Worth of Air Jordan 12 Masters

Dudes in the shoe game have been taking some serious L’s in 2016. Well here’s another one.

Hype for the Air Jordan 12 Master was equally surprising and ridiculous last Saturday. So much so, that resellers couldn’t help but to flex how many pairs they were able to finesse.

Featured in the video above, a reseller has a trunk full of Master 12’s. Supposedly $10,000 worth. He couldn’t help but to stunt on the internet as video was rolling.

Little did he know, some folks were already scheming.

While talking jibberish to the camera, a couple of guys snuck away with several pairs of Jordans. There were so many guys at the truck of the car, the reseller turns around to make sure no one stole his shoes. The cameraman acknowledges that his stacks look a little short.

You can hear a car speed off toward the end of the video confirming the juug.

Moral of the story: Savages gon’ savage.

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Professionally sarcastic, but I also enjoy cameras, orange juice, & airheads. instagram/twitter: @rayp_photos

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  • Aaron Hall

    Every time a reseller gets zoe’d an Angel gets it wings.

  • “Hype for the Air Jordan 12 Master was equally surprising and ridiculous last Saturday…”

    It really was… I never seen such thirst for paper plates.

  • That’s not a reseller… that’s an asshole wannabe…

  • CrashMoney

    Lmao… probably tripled his views this way

  • CrashMoney

    What’s more important now
    10g on the low
    Or 10 thousand hits on WSHH

  • LMAO!

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    Loud mouthing in the hood with your back turned and a trunk full of Jordan’s, wtf he was thinking cuh?

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    These idiots are hustling backwards, spending $10,000 on 52 to pairs of the same shoes and they’ll probably restock.

  • probably? give it two weeks for a Finish Line restock lmao.

  • FFBLegend

    yeah some how Finish Line has another 30K pairs posted on each damn release…was it last year Gambo pack they restocked the LeBron’s like 100 times

  • alexander O’neal man.

  • alexander O’neal

    GOOD! That’s just what that termite muthaphucka gets (SBedge with the assist…).

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    He gonna shit his pants when that happens, wasted his whole tax return?

  • alexander O’neal

    But why are people not understanding that a lot of folks wanted the shoe? Its a popular model with a solid colorway. Lots of folks dug the shoe enough to get it. The same kinda….hyp…uuuhhh…”excitement”…surrounded the 4 that just dropped. Idk. No diff btwn folks really wanting that 12 & folks really wanting that 4.

  • SBedge

    That car speeding off…

  • Real gs move in silence like lasagna. Should’ve kept his mouth shut.

  • David

    Did anyone else get a huge box for their Masters?

    My shoe box can fit a size 15.

  • FFBLegend

    lol also prob fake…or he was a tard for spending 10K on Master 12’s lol

  • alexander O’neal

    Lol. Man all the joints came like that. Beats the hell outta me why nike did that.

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    The list for the 12 was surprisingly longer than the cements.

  • doped up

    Spent 10k for referee shoes. I still like em tho.

  • fook yo

    they casually walked away lol

  • russellerving

    Wow. Several lessons to be learned here.
    First, move in silence! The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room. Who doesn’t know that already?
    Two, know who you’re dealing with.
    Three, you don’t have to trumpet your success everywhere, unless you’ve never had any success.
    I guess next time he’ll come in knowin’ and not learnin’.
    And Co-sign to “doped up”, those are referee shoes.

  • Laced Heat

    funny cuz all he as reselling was the kids pairs the mens pairs didn’t come in the standard black jordan box but in the brown box that looked like the OG nike box they were sold in back then

  • Dave

    No, he didn’t SPEND 10 bands, he’s saying the amount he had was WORTH 10 bands. Before he got hit, he had 42 pairs. If GS sizes were doing $250 each, that’s $10,500 so that’s what he meant. He lost about 2 bands tho

  • Dizzlerocksj’s

    still ain’t restocked