Retailers Will Receive Up To Four Times MORE Yeezy Boost Stock Starting February

Yeezy Boost 350 2015

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Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for.

Regardless of what you heard before, every Yeezy Boost release thus far was extremely limited.

Through a close retail source, TSG can confirm retailers will receive up to four times more Yeezy Boost inventory beginning February 2016.

You read that correctly, from a retail source and not Ibn Jasper.

This company received up to 50 pairs of Yeezy Boost 350s per store. They expect close to 200 pairs for the next release at each retail location.

In theory, Yeezy Boosts will be easier to cop in 2016. However, the demand is so high adidas will have to raise inventory numbers a lot more to please the masses.

We cannot confirm a Yeezy Boost release date as of right now, but start saving for February 2016.

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  • John Smith

    That just means four times more manufacturing flaws and defective bullshit. Adidas has crap quality control

  • Executive

    Was going to say the same thing.

  • Executive

    They saw under Armours sales and now they about to Crack that whip on those poor shoe makers.

  • John Smith

    and what’s worse is that they won’t offer a replacement unless the media reports it… or else you’re just out of luck and have to either deal with it or get refunded for a shoe you put god knows how many hours into getting

  • TheTruthKills

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Aaron Hall

    They need ten times the amount to satisfy the masses. If they’re still doing raffles for them it’s a fail…

  • Thad Greer

    If you’re sitting on a pair, you better sell…right now. It’s about to get ugly.

  • fook yo

    which pairs did you guys have quality issues with. had a pair of triple blacks and 2 tans and they honestly seemed like a blessing compared to jordans. felt like a real shoe.

    other than the zipper issue i mean

  • fook yo

    they really need to have jordan numbers at stores… as in 2-300 pairs.

  • John Smith

    Yeezy 350 Boost “Moonrocks”

  • Had Tan and Pirates. No issues. However the quality of suede on 750 is not good at all.

  • fook yo

    Yea u did say that. Wasn’t terrible imo. But then again I usually avoid suede at all cost.

  • Thad Greer

    My 350 moonrocks came with suede issues and glue stains galore. Definitely worth the $200!

  • Jomo Edwards

    Interesting. A store gets 1400+ raffle entries for 50 pairs, now getting 200 pairs fo 1400+ raffle entries ?

  • Jomo Edwards

    Horrible. Can you please get nike to recoup me for all the Jordans I bought from 2002 to 2012? 90% flaw rates compared to same shoes make before 2002.

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    I’m skeptical for a few reasons.

    – Source is retail: not production. Just because one chain is eligible for 150 extra pairs doesn’t mean that they all are. If this were an announcement of a 4x increase in production, it would be a better matter and we’d have a much better shot at beating the resellers.

    – Secondly, this sounds like reallocation: same thing happened with stores between the TD and PB release – a local store had 40 pairs for the first drop, then ended up with 120 for the second. This kind of variation happens: if this is a chain store, it sounds like they requested an increase because they were pissed off with all the complaining customers. Let’s pray this isn’t Barneys though.

    – Wasn’t the Yeezy line supposed to democratize fashion? 200+ for rags doesn’t seem in line with the affordable message. The shoes are the best part of the line, but it’s clear that the game is to sustain hype and make more money in the long term.

    I can see them expanding wide in a few years, but they’re aware that the hype rests on the scarcity and the name. They want to milk Yeezys for as long as they can.

  • It makes sense. People want the sneakers and if they are really investing in Yeezy and his shoes are in demand make them available to the masses.

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    then there would be pairs sitting on the shelves. they don’t want that.

  • Executive

    Yeah that fuckin sucks, especially for people who want to actually wear them.

  • #SwooshProblems

  • as i wrote, the hype/demand far exceeds 4x’s any increase. So that doesnt mean GR. Yeezys will still sell out in minutes. This info also falls in-line with adidas plans to scale Yeezy quantities over time.

    In 2015, adidas leveraged the sneakers to force retailers to buy out Yeezy Season 1 apparel. So yes, different shoes were allocated differently depending on which retailer was ‘all in’ on the yeezy stuff.

    Lastly, as I explained in a review. $200 for a Yeezy shoe is amazing especially when it has Primeknit and Boost technology. a $20 bump up from adidas latest performance shoe the Ultra Boost. Yes people can afford it because they out here buying $190 JORDAN GR’s.

    (Chrome 8s was the best seller for Holidays)

    Now the 750s at $350 is a stretch, but it’s more of a ‘menswear shoe’ than a sneaker. And Menswear shoes are typically around that price — Common projects, Filling Pieces, MMM etc.

  • Andrew

    Agree I work out in my Oxford tans just light cardio and they are clearly worth no more than retail and I have the ultra boost as well not the best in quality either. Feel for the those who spent 4 times the mark up rate for the yeezys

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    My point on democratizing fashion and price point was really just meant to show how the reality and the expectation diverged. The shoes are definitely priced well, but the clothes are definitely on the higher price scale for what they are – so the ‘Yeezys for everyone’ claim should just be regarded in a similar manner, that’s what I meant haha.

    Are there any reliable sources for production numbers? Don’t want it to see like I’m attacking your reporting, but after all the L’s I’m not going to get my hopes up until there’s a production source leaking that the numbers have been upped.

    I know there were a few boutiques and stores that were caught backdooring in my area – they were definitely reported to adidas. I know those stores had 40-50 pairs each: is it possible that in addition to the incremental production pump they’re also getting the pairs that would have gone to retailers who have lost the account? Kinda hard to gauge the news when we don’t know how many stores the retailer has. Not that I’m asking for numbers or any IDing info on your source, just a curiousity: Is it possible or just based on what you know about the retail chain does that seem too high?

  • Stevon Mccoy

    Return it then? Im pretty sure someone else will buy it with the glue stains. and would be happy to pay 300 to do so.

  • C Brown

    Unfortunately this is not reallocation this is actual production….The truth is that NO ONE goes to market better then Nike…NO ONE..Nike generally knows when it has a winner and allocations are based on that…Now you can make the argument that its “street cred” or there ties with “Influencers” or the fact that Nike has the market share to create demand…or that Nike simply forces things down retailer and ultimately consumers throats (cough cough Lebron’s line)….

    BUT with all that being said…Adidas truly had no idea what to expect from the Kanye line and original production runs very much spoke to this….Now that they KNOW what they have…they are in super production mode….Fence the last 350 drop which basically had EVERY retailer in the NYC area with a production run….All be it small..but everyone….FTL(and its subsidiaries)…Finishline…Mom and Pops…Jays…JJ….all were in the game….

    By comparison this will be no means me its GR but it will have what we call a retro Jordan launch feel…

    But trust…much like Adidas did in butchering the ZX line…they will over produce this and start mashing it with the UB line and Primeknit line and let JS do a cross collabo and they will destroy yet another line….

    Again…Adidas has the opportunity to do something great here…but they will complete F*ck it up cause NO ONE…I repeat NO ONE goes to market like the SWOOSH….

    Sorry for the long rant but its becoming rare that I see great responses….well thought out I salute you sir….

  • TheTruthKills

    I don’t believe it because we’ve seen this story before. The same story started circulating around the Moonrocks release, and stock was still limited. I just think stories like this pop up just to build hype and keep attention on Yeezys. I know a lot of people who stopped fucking with Adidas simply because they’re tired of chasing around limited releases. Now they’re back on the bandwagon because they believe Kanye will honor his word.

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    Yea, that’s why I was skeptical because this specifically happened between TD and PB before MR dropped and no one could get a pair.

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    one can hope! But do we actually have another source corroborating the production increase numbers?

    Yea, but here’s the thing – NYC stores had what 40-50 pairs? There were stores in my area that did above the board raffles and had half of that. So the allocation changes each time.

  • Thad Greer

    Return them? Nah, B lol. Ended up selling them for $800.

  • Stevon Mccoy

    All i was trying to saw regardless of quality control they’re going to fly off shelfs lol.

  • C Brown

    The facts are right in front of you…again…Finishline had the last 350’s….FINISHLINE…. they dont even get (want) Kobes nor Foams…lol….and they had these??? Im like really…Generally production is about 90 to 120 days from order to post….So the allocations that we are seeing today is from the Summer orders which is just around the time the first 350 dropped….Again…look at the number of retailers that were involved in the last 350 launch and you will see that production had to increase…It wouldn’t make sense other wise….Even footlocker spread the release across all stores…Why build or ramp up Champs production when they could easily go HOH only to continue that push or push the release as Footaction Concepts store release only to build that push….
    Finishline is basically the Florida Marlins of sneaker spots…its purely business for them….if it isnt profitable they are not in it…When THEY carry an item…its because the profitability of the item makes sense for them….So when I saw that I already know that production had to increase and Adidas is now unloading….

    The one thing I will say that generally people ALWAYS forget is that WE are NOT Nike (Adidas in this case) customer….the retailer is….they are a Wholesale distributor with a retail capabilities….Success in the sneaker world is selling out to distribution channels…not a few hundred pairs on a Saturday morning….When you see the distribution channels open it means the manufacture is winning….Nike maintains control even-though the products is sold…thats why Nike is Nike….

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    Ok, sorry but I have to contradict you here – Finishline having the Oxford Tans isn’t indicative of a four time ramp up of production. The only pair of 350s that they DIDN’T release was the Moonrocks. They were there for TDs and PBs.

    I’m not saying there’s no increase in production – but 4x as many? I doubt it until I see this corroborated from multiple retailers and multiple sources. Right now, everyone’s running with this article – but the source seems too narrow to me.

    One possible explanation? Finishline just announced they’re scaling back and closing a lot of stores over the next four years. Not every FL store carried pairs, but maybe the investment is too small for them to justify with their financial situation?

    Again, we don’t know which retailer this source is – or if every single one of their stores will actually get pairs: even from the major chains, the number of actual stores carrying the shoes were small.

    The most likely explanation is that yes, there is a fractional increase in production number – along with re-allocation from stores which got outted for backdooring (for the 750 release and the 350, there were listers who were reported as having them but claiming otherwise: as well as those who were proven to run fake raffles or had employees openly brag on twitter and IG about selling the pairs out the back of their car).

  • Thad Greer

    Oh, no doubt about that. Stupid people do stupid things.

  • SVM$ON

    i just wanna pair not to brag about

  • fook yo

    At this point there probably wouldn’t be.

  • On backdooring: adidas has never had to crack the whip on boutiques like Nike has. I’m sure they’re dealing with it, but adidas isn’t going to pull an account. They need to be on every wall in the country lol That market share gap is ridiculous. Nike can afford to pull an account, other brands not so much unless its just blatant debt to the brand. I too hate back dooring, I only stick to the drop // only thing that seems fair IMO.

    On production numbers: We’ll never get accurate production numbers. Even Jordan brand production numbers are sketchy, some sales reports don’t tell the whole story. However, I understand how skeptical people are especially if you haven’t gotten a pair of yeezys yet. The best thing we can do is wait and see honestly. Every piece of early info (confirmed or not) is subject to change. Heck Black Cement Vic Cruz one day, Cancelled the next you know?

    However, like i said this info was said by adidas months ago and a retailer reached out to me confirming the scaling would start in February with a 350 Boost release. People can take the info how they want for now. As for me, im excited to see more people get Yeezys soon.

  • L.A all dayy!!

    The new yeezy’s are garbage…

  • TheDevil’sAdvocate

    Thanks for the info man, much appreciated – best of luck if you’re shooting for a pair. Maybe one day we really will all have one.

  • Please dont dump a million pair of all white… would prefer a pirate black re-release tbh.