Rick Ross Loses $5 Million Deal, And Feels Betrayed by Reebok

rock-ross-reebok-012-480wAs most of the sneaker world may know by now is that Reebok dropped Rick Ross from their roster. What most people don’t know is how much did the “Bawse” really lose. It’s been said that Rick Ross loss a 3.5-5 million dollar contract. You can definitely buy alot of Reebok’s with that kind of money.

And how did Rick Ross really feel about the whole situation? He stated saying he felt entitled to corporate forgiveness because of what he has done for the brand. Which is bringing classic Reeboks back in style in the hip-hop community.

Reebok also had this to say about Ross, “We are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.”

It’s safe to say that we won’t see a Rick Ross x Reebok collaboration anytime soon. via TMZ

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  • Sorry Rick Ross the re-release of the Iversons, Collabs, Shaq’s and whatever is coming up down the road brought Reebok back not you homie.

  • Lem

    Other rappers have said worse, much worse. However, many of them weren’t associated with a major brand like Reebok. They may have had their own start up lines but nothing on the level of an athletic apparel/shoe company that grosses tens of millions globally.

    I don’t think Reebok overreacted and I don’t necessarily believe Ross brought Reebok back. He may have brought them the attention of the younger generation but he did nothing to inspire an older guy like me.

    The re-release of the older stuff is what got me looking at Reebok again. There is no hate for Ross on my end but he should have known better.

  • AlSneaks

    seriously, who is buying Reebok because of Rick Ross? it is pretty hypocritical of Reebok though. you release S. Carters and G-units, but draw the line here? those guys are admitted former drug dealers who rap about killing/shooting people on multiple tracks. They get their own shoes and Ross gets dropped? doesn’t make much sense to me, but neither did them signing Ross to begin with.

  • Chuck.Boogie

    Same thing happened with Kobe & Sprite. Only company that stuck around during scandal was Nike with Tiger after the whole cheating episode

  • KayGotKicks

    Should’ve thought about that before he decided to rap about raping women!

  • JB

    I’d feel betrayed too if I loss that much money

  • Prestige

    No sympathy for him whatsoever

  • @ lem….I’m with u on er’thing u said….except the first sentence. I really am fairly sure that nothing is worse to glorify than rape. If sum1 gets killed, its over. Nice& ez. But rape victims suffer from mental anguish/torture that at times have pushed them to the point of not wanting to be here anymore. There’snothing worse than a woman being subjected to that ordeal,

  • Man, look here……Fuck rick ross!!!!

    Aight, I’m good now

  • TabarusT

    That’s a lot of money to people like us, but I doubt he’ll lose any meals.

  • g.Know

    he felt “entitled”?? entitled to what?! they paid u to wear their sneakers & when they didnt feel like paying u anymore they stopped..youre not entitled to shit! thats whats wrong w/ppl today, everybody has a false sense of entitlement. youre not that important Rick, they can pay some other rapper liar to wear their kicks.

  • g.Know you are 100% percent correct false sense of entitlement is right! By the way who the f*ck wears reeboks?, swiss beats? you might as well contact pitbull next I mean he does share the same area code as the boss (305) and what exactly is he the boss of?… eating mcdonalds this fat f*ck is rich not wealthy but he has no personal trainer no exercise do you ever see him doing he just lays around and gets larger by the minute

  • Lem

    @omar najeeb….I agree. I meant that others have rapped about rape in more graphic detail than what Ross did. Nevertheless, its an egregious act and anyone who decides to use it as a means to sell records or anything else while standing on the freedom of speech podium is an idiot and deserves to be dropped from any companies roster.

  • nishant patel

    he continues to be lame. he was the reason i ALMOST didn’t buy my twilight zone pumps.

  • shoe guy

    reeebok suuuuucks he was just with them for money

  • Fuck a hater..and they momma.