Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “Mint” Preview

Ronnie Fieg leaked a picture of this Asics Gel Lyte III on the release day of the Ultra Marine Asics GT II. No info was given with the photo at the time, and now we have another preview photo, courtesy of Joe La Puma. However, we still don’t have any any release details, but the shoe is being called the “Mint” Gel Lyte III. We’ll have the full scoop and more photos soon, so stay tuned.

Update: Here’s a few more preview shots.

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  • MBall423 aka Honey Badger

    This is definitely the background on my computer

  • Tempting……

  • Nicky


  • aSh aka I Un-DSd your girlfriend….

    Looks like a water down version of the gel-IIIs… I like those better… Slept in em too:/

  • Herb T

    Even Theo is rockin em!!! They look though!!!

  • erick10

    The jeans are sick and so are Asics Gel Lyte III.

  • MBall <3 Man Crush <3 Ronnie

  • Keys

    Gotta cop me a pair I slept on those other ones

  • atgbryan

    cant wait to refresh for an hour so i can not get these too

  • These are super dope but I think I will make an af1 in the same colorway.

  • These are needed.

  • Knicksfan1791

    Wow, this shoe is dope!!

  • Want em, but like aSh said, it’ll be online frustration at it’s finest.

  • LG

    Fist I wasn’t sure about these,now they are starting to grow on me. I will try to grab a pair if that possible dealing with 100,000 people trying to get a pair.

  • Shawty Black aka Don’t Let Me Talk to your Girl or I’ll make Love to Her Mind

    Both of these shoes are dope, but why is that brotha’s leg purple?

  • snkrfee

    after getting ronnie fiegs collaboration with sebago im definitely getting these asics they bang

  • Royal S

    I think I’m going to start collecting Asics. Been very impressed with the look, texture, & style of the shoe. They look like their be extra comfrontable like walking on a pillow.