Russell Westbrook Officially Signs With Jordan Brand

Nike, Inc. has announced today that Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard, Russell Westbrook, has signed with Jordan Brand on a multi-year deal.

Speculation has surrounded the destination of where the superstar was going to sign with many believing he would end up with adidas after a supposed “early” announcement by adidas Philippines’ official Instagram account. To add more fuel to the fire was the recent departure of Dwyane Wade from Jordan Brand to Li-Ning, which left a void as to who would be the new “face” of the brand.

Nike Inc. has ended the guessing game with an official statement on the signing:

BEAVERTON, Ore. (October 11, 2012) –Today, Jordan Brand, a division of NIKE, Inc., announced the signing of Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook. The two-time NBA All-Star has agreed to a multi-year endorsement agreement with the brand.

Michael Jordan also had a few words in the statement, welcoming Westbrook to the team:

“We are very excited to welcome Russell to the Jordan family,” said Michael Jordan. “Russell’s style, both on and off the court, combined with his love and dedication to the game make him a perfect fit for the Jordan Brand.  We love the drive and passion for basketball that Russell brings.”

Do you think Russell Westbrook made the right decision joining Jordan Brand? What direction would you like them to take in his footwear both on the court and in the stores?


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  • Wow. I guess it’s official. I think it’s a good move for him. I wonder how his shoes will turn out? Who do you think made the better move? Westbrook or Wade?

  • Look at it this way… They can’t look any worse than the Fly Wades… Or so I hope…

    Great Signing…

  • MAJOR! I’m talking King’s brother. Ha!

  • snkrfiend713

    if he gets a sig i hope it looks good i like westbrook i wouldnt mind owning his shoe if the sig looks decent

  • Perfect for JB…

  • OfficialKickz

    Good Move!

  • Lem


  • Shane D.

    I want to get excited but this could be good and bad at the same time. If Jordan Brand does not make the right moves *cough* D-Wade *cough* this could be a waste of money and talent if the marketing and product isn’t done right.

    Now, I’m assuming they will not give him a signature shoe right away seeing how poorly the Fly Wades sold as well as CP3/Melo’s shoes. Maybe have Russell Westbrook wear the Air Jordan 2013 and create him some PE Retro’s and other GOOD new models. That’s their best way for now until they figure out how to design a successful shoe. As a shoe that doesn’t look like crap.

    I’m happy for Russ but it could very well turn out that he should have stayed at Nike.

  • Jay

    Good money for Russ. That just common business sense. As for what Jordan Brand will lace him in… we can only pray that it’s not the crap we are expecting.

  • coolHAITIAN305

    STUPID idea! what makes him more maketable then a 2-TIME NBA champion(Wade lame ass). these youngn’s are stupid! Jordan brand hasnt dropped 1 hot shoe since 1998 with the Eddie Jones(i had a pair).stupid move. jordan brand aint been isht since the 13’s. show me 2 people you know that actually BOUGHT a pair of regualr jordans (whatever number they are at now)?i will be waiting. dont nobody buy no jay’s to ball in. he shoudlve had his own brand! stupid move!

  • SPINS613

    I don’t think they’ll make him the flag barer for the yearly Jordan model, but JB would be smart to do this thing slow.

    Let’s see how much buzz he generates, give him some PE’s first, see how they sell. Typical HoH type of releases.

    If the response the first year is good, he carries the flag well and continues his success (let’s say OKC brings home the Larry O’Brien) that’s when you capitalize from JB’s perspective and pull out a Russ Wes signature.

  • This is a good move for both parties! I hope his signature shoe comes out nice

  • Reggiebulb

    His off court style, I don’t know about that… Y’all seen them shirts enough said…

  • mask

    westbrook has a really hipster style so i think jordan is perfect for him. i can see him in alot of retros.

  • BJ24

    I hear too many people talking about how ugly JB shoes are, though that is true its all about the money. There are a lot of places in country were anything with a jumpman will sell and when your retro(Kilroy)shoe which you have to put no marketing dollars into outsells Adidas top signature athlete shoes (which happen to be a decent shoe) your doing everything right to the board & shareholders.

  • SPINS613


    Real talk.

  • sneakercritique

    Don’t see his shoes selling like that simply because his name isn’t as big as Durant, Wade, Melo, Chris Paul etc shoot Blake Griffin would be a better candidate

  • sneakercritique

    He’ll probably be like those other folks signed to JB with no Signature shoe cuz its wayyy to early for a Sig for him

  • gotjordans?

    Please have him wear the Air Jordan models and not a Jordan Brand shoe of his own!