Safari Print Available for Flyknit Nike Air Max 1 Customization

safari flyknit air max 1 id

Get creative.

Now you can really get fancy with your Flyknit Nike Air Max 1 designs. Nike just announced that Safari print is now available exclusively on NIKEiD.

I don’t have to tell you what this means because you already know. Heck, Nike even hinted at the possibilities with the design above. Let’s just say, with the right design, you can create some fire!

Play around with a few designs and see if you can cook up something you’d like to rock. If you pull the trigger, be sure to hit us on at @TheShoeGame via Twitter or IG so we can see your skills.


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    For $200, though? Kick rocks, bitch!!!! (meaning Nike, of course…)

  • Executive One:1

    Throw “HTM” on them and I’ll pay $7800.

  • Executive One:1

    For 200 I better have every color and material at my disposal.

  • Lmao!

  • It’s always interesting to see how they price NIKEiD kicks. Sometimes it’s lower than expected and sometimes it’s higher.

  • Executive One:1

    That’s pretty reasonable, lol!

  • javi

    But your still gonna cop at the end of the day joto ?