SBTG Reebok Instapump Fury Drops This Month


OG sneaker customizer SBTG collaborated with Reebok on the Instapump Fury.

If you’ve been reading blogs the past 10 years, you should be very familiar with the name SBTG. Moreover, you don’t hear his name as much nowadays, but as you can see, he’s still doing his thing.

Here’s more info about the collaboration:

Looking across the world for a place that reflects the ethos of the sneaker, Reebok was immediately drawn to Singapore. The city’s skyline similarly reflects the Instapump Fury’s futuristic silhouette and Reebok wanted to collaborate with individuals who similarly embrace the progressive attitude within their designs. Reebok believes that SBTG and Limited EDT were the perfect partners for the Instapump Fury collaboration, as both have strong ties to the futuristic city of Singapore. Chopra’s sneaker boutique is based in the city, whilst Ong is originally from – and is still based in – Singapore.

Reebok sought to challenge the collaborators to create a design that pushed the Instapump Fury’s design and identity to new heights.

The national animal of Singapore is a lion, and Singapore literally translates to mean Lion City. This powerful symbolism is brought to life in various aesthetics of the sneaker. Through combining sandy tones with tactile materials such as Pellegrini pony hair, SBTG has succeeded in evoking the appearance of the animal that is firmly rooted to his birthplace. By utilizing the animal as the founding inspiration and combining it with the SBTG signature ‘Parsillia’ camo overlaying the regal predator is depicted as hunting in its natural habitat.

The Reebok Instapump logo is emblazoned in gold, standing out against the desert camouflage of the sneaker. Whilst the SBTG embroidered logo and accents of scarlet and black provide further dramatic contrast to the khaki colour palette.

The shoe will release at Limited EDT this Friday, January 13 in Singapore, and the global launch is January 27 at select retailers. The retail price is $200.

SBTG Reebok Instapump Fury




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  • James L

    #gross. Love what they did way back with the sb dunks, but these are nasty.

  • These are way too tame, plus no tiger camo? Looks like Reebok micro managed him on this design