The Sea Crystal Nike SB Dunk is Now A Lowtop

sea crystal nike sb dunk low

Things change.

Remember when people kept saying Nike SB was going to retro Dunks? The rumors were true, but the retros didn’t come as we expected.

Nike SB switched things up a bit by releasing certain Dunks as highs that were originally low and vice versa. Some people seem to like this concept, but I’d rather see Nike SB continue to push the creative envelope instead of leaning on past success.

The latest “back with a new look” Nike SB re-release is the Sea Crystal Dunk. This time it’s back as a Dunk Low. Do you prefer the low over the high?

If you’re feeling the low, you can cop a pair right now at

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  • Ron Simms Jr.

    kinda wish they’d either do true retros or do conversions that keep the same exact colors/materials. not only is this not an exact high to low top conversation of hte sea crystals, it’s also the bastardized IW version of the dunk low and not a normal low. The sea crystal mid is better than this.

  • SBedge

    I prefer the mid. (G-Roc rolls his eyes)

    I too would love to see them return to a creative side, but more importantly current quality is garbage. Suede feels like sand paper, and the insoles feel like cardboard

  • You know me well and have been reading this blog for YEARS SBedge. I don’t own a single pair of mids. lol! I could never get with mids man.

    I can’t even remember off top the last SBs I copped. It’s like that’s not even their focus anymore.

    I noticed you said you’ve been getting good deals on SBs, what’s some of the latest stuff and prices on your recent pickups?

  • I didn’t even notice that. It’s like they are all out of gas at Nike SB. It’s really sad because Nike SB Dunks used to be the Yeezys and Jordans of the shoe game.

  • SBedge

    From one guy I bought his DS collection, Old Spice, Piet Mondrian (which I’m not a fan of but the quality is nice), and UNLV (1st release) for $300. And from other sellers, Takashi 2 ($110) and bred jpack for $60 (insane that colorway flopped)

  • Wow! Great deals. I still want Unkles but the prices are still $400-$500 DS.

    What size are you?

    And they only flopped because people are off the SB hype. Cats would’ve camped for them back in the day.

  • LeBreem Abdul-Jabbar

    Yessir. Got the orange box joints and that “leather” is pure polyurethane & not really comfy either.

  • LeBreem Abdul-Jabbar

    I understand the OG Sb dunk heads wanting to keep the original classics to themselves. But i’d sure take the mid (or was it a high.. ?) before the low & i’d take a retro of that ASAP.

  • SBedge

    size 11, but 11.5 in the the current releases

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    I’m good with the low on this pair…finding a clean OG pair at this point is impossible—was starting to think they came from the factory dirty!

  • SpecDotSign

    Can confirm. I have an OG pair that I don’t even look at because I’m scared they’ll get dirty. I’ll eventually wear them. I just know the second they hit the concrete, they’ll end up with like 13 different stains and dirt marks from who knows where.

  • Oh ok. Nvm. You can’t wear my little baby size 8-9. lol

  • Ron Simms Jr.

    love my mondrians. wish i could get some of hte be true to your school dunks for an affordable price and in my size.

  • javi

    Youd take any shoe with that thirst you got lol