Sean Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 97/1 Will Release Early This Month

Taking care of home first.

As promised, Mr. Round Two is giving his hometown and new home first dibs on his Air Max 97/1. Sean’s Air Max creation will release November 21 exclusively at Round Two Virginia, Need Supply Co. (Richmond, VA) and Round Two Hollywood.

That’s really all you need to know. Good luck and hit your connects or plan a quick trip.

Note: The wider release will take place on Air Max Day 2018.

Retail: $160
Style: AJ4219 400

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • sirfresh


  • You headed up?

  • theloverswineverytime

    These trash.

  • javi

    But your eventually going to buy a pair with that thirst you got hype?

  • Thad Greer

    Nike: So…we do GR mash-ups of popular silhouettes and people normally call them disgraces to the legacy. How about we do another mash-up, but call it a collaboration and make it limited doe?

  • sirfresh

    Naw man I was out that way last year. Its just a weird ass vibe out there.

  • Rhyno

    What makes you think these will release at Round two?

  • Ahhh got ya! I only passed thru Richmond so I wouldn’t know. I much more familiar with Northern VA, closer to the DMV.

  • I honestly can’t remember where I saw it, but I’m pretty sure Sean posted that info for the early drop.

  • Why not just save him the trip and effort, cop for him and just mail em out? Sure he’d appreciate that 🙂

  • And it starts…

  • BTimes Blue

    Groc what up my nizzie!!! Put me on these had to make an account just for these puppies!! This Btimes

  • BTimes!!!! What up!

    I’m doing the drunken monkey dance right now lmaooo

    I wish I had the connect. Game is crazy now.

    Everything good with you?

  • BTimes Blue

    Everything good fam yeen on FB? I all is well with you brother!!!! Yeah mane the connect is just Chinese plugs these days. smh