#SheGotShoeGame – 3.20.14

she got shoe game march 2014

Queen ish.

The time has come for another glorious edition of #SheGotShoeGame. You know, the feature where we highlight females from around the globe and their shoe game. Sorry, no thirst traps here. There’s more than enough of that on IG. But if you enjoy women in kicks like we do, you’re in the right place. Yeah, so let’s get straight to it. Ladies, make sure you use the #SheGotShoeGame IG hashtag on your head to toe photos for a chance to be featured.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Im feeling number 14 in those size? x Air Max 93. Me and shorty have the same taste!

  • ^Ok, BX, tell shawty to swing your way. lol

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    #7&17 the rest are paper bag status.

  • Just Kicks

    A lot of pretty girls and tons of ill kicks. One of the best SGSG’s so far.

  • ^^ AGREEED!! Ladies heating it up! Shout out to all the ladies holding it down. You aint gotta be naked to be fly, I love it!!

  • QBlow

    @Executive – So disrespectful! You should get your eyes checked my dude. ASAP! lol

  • Jay

    Good GAWD!!!! I’ll take them all. Stupid shoe game too!!

  • SB

    I have to agree with Just Kicks, one of the best so far. And Jay sit your thirsty a$$ down. LMAO

  • vexster

    lol @ the captions. g roc is a certified fool. thankful that i can always depend on tsg for a nice variety of content. lots of gorgeous women in this edition.

  • Jay

    @SB – How was that thirsty? I just said I’ll take them all, and that’s what I meant. Ladies – come to poppa. lol

  • Mater

    That 1st one tho

  • 4DRUMZ

    Amy Winehouse lives!?!?!

    Shouts to all the ladies… and especially the one’s who aren’t trying too hard!

    This feature is about kicks… I would hope the ladies would flip the script and talk about how ugly they think we all are and not look at our shoes! ha ha ha

  • tzarnick

    yo g-roc when the next time you gon do a SMYSC? #qtna

  • Herb T

    Number 11 is just Simply Beautiful and can’t forget Ms. Felix!!!!!

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Hey 4Drumz let me find out you got some captn-save- a-sneakerhead-ho in ya mane, I’m clowning with ya.

  • B-Camp

    Just wanna say this website is the best in my opinion when it comes to showcasing ladies and their kicks and style!

  • B-Camp

    And #7 with the vintage Spurs sweatshirt and #15 with the bugs bunny 8s had the best outfits IMO.

  • fraudulent-sneakerhead

    A bunch of mud ducks.

  • B-Camp appreciate the words!! We try to show the REAL sneaker chicks…

  • just a person named Joe

    Ok before i click through…let’s play the “how many of these girls are wearing jordans and lebrons and nothing else”. My guess for today is at least 8 of them. I’ll do another comment with the real number after I go through the pics. Ready…go.

  • just a person named Joe

    I was right. 8 Ladies wore jordans…..but there were some suuuuuper non jordan picks(like that young lady rocking the Nike Size? collab). Sooooo…the verdict is that they are all queens and won the the game.

    I guess i thought this was kicksonfire.com and sneakerwatch.com when it comes to articles about ladies and kicks. hahaha.

  • omar najeeb

    Um hm! Lovin me some allyson felix, bwaahh!
    But umm…slide #10 gets the gas face (word to 3rd Bass…). Lol

  • curt

    For real…wtf is that in pic #10.


    I see a lot of “ratchadactyls”!