Should Nike & Kanye Release Air Yeezy II?

Well, should they release the Air Yeezy II (2) ? About a year ago, Kanye West uploaded a video thanking everyone that bought Air Yeezys. 

Kanye mentioned Air Yeezy 2’s in the video below, which was recorded in Hawaii while Ye was shooting the “Amazing” video. Of course Air Yeezy and Kanye West fans would love to see Air Yeezy 2’s make their way into retailers sometime soon, but do you think releasing the Air Yeezy 2 is good idea or bad idea? True, the Taylor Swift incident really put Kanye in the hot seat, but he’s a hot seat pro.

However, Ye will be dropping a new album soon, so we will start seeing him more often. Does Nike want another piece of the Kanye hype? Should they pull the trigger, and allow Kanye to design the second Air Yeezy? Is the shoe already in the making? Only time will tell. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If they do drop, you’ll definitely need a Good Ass job to afford resell prices.

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  • No

  • weezy23

    I wasn’t able to copp the first round but if the yeezy 2 is dope like the 1st ill copp em so I say just do it nike!

  • chicken

    only white people and upity negros care bout what kanye did 2 ol girl……beyonce did have a awesome video.

    more yeezys

  • K-I-double-D

    No! Shits is garbage just like Kanye…

  • MisterMcfly23

    big “N”, little “o”…

  • supper j

    fuck yea who gives a fuck about taylor swift is she doing anything right now NO. so just drop the second pair. already

  • XtraFLY!!!

    They need 2 re-release the Yeezys first so the people with lives who couldn’t camp a week can get another chance. Then, if the’re dope, ill check out the Yeezy II

  • Mr Freeze

    Shut your mouth and respect THE GAME u know dam well they fire.

  • koop


  • I agree with XTRAFLY!!!! Took words right out my mouth… “People with lives who couldnt camp for a week”.. that camping shyt gotta suck, no matter what!

  • JazzyFizzle

    yes pleaaseeeee……or more colorways of the same would be appreciated. i just love the silhouette of the yeezy. I couldn’t care less if it was designed by rick ross.

  • Nigel Wan Kenobi

    They need to utilize that sweet mid sole design that the Yeezy originally had until NIKE decided to go with the III because it was cheaper. It doesn’t have to be the Yeezy II…just use it on something.

  • LG

    HELL TO DA the material for something better, Nike has enough fake looking Yeezy’s flooding the market now.
    Everybody you see wearing Yeezy’s wears tight pants. LOL

  • tca

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! we dont want any more yeezy’s. i cant lie when i heard the first ones coming i thought wow dope but then when they hit i thought naw nope.

    keep the crap. i’d like to see more retro’s like air command force, etc. nike don’t jump the shark trying to make one hit wonder shoes with over hyped celebs.

  • Donjaso83

    These yeezys r nothing but effin hype the sneaker overall is trash n Kanye is just an ignorant person.

  • Eric

    This is the shoe that I love and hate. I hate Kanye, but I love the air yeezy. This was one shoe I didn’t get and it bothers me. Dont release ’em nike. I don’t want anymore headaches. By the way, Only one store in texas got em, basterds.

  • Yeah why not. I dont see wat the problem is. The first shoe was hot. As long as the yeezy 2 is on point, I say go for it. I wont be able to get this one either cause I have a job and cant camp out for a month or camp out for weeks just to enter a raffle and win to find out I have to pay $300 over retail. So no big deal to me. Lol!

  • pleasseeeeee…..
    lemme know now so i can buy a tent for the campout.

    that was an excellent shoe style & comfort,
    and exclusivity,

    i could see if it released at like all foot lockers,
    but it didnt..

    bring it backkkkk

  • Tanner P.

    sittin back waitin for CK on this one…he’s gonna eat this shit alive… Somehow I think CK is not a Kanye fan, at least I hope not…
    What’s up w/ an IRON MAIDEN shoe??? Sure…SB never released the iron maiden sample and that ish was DOOOPE…they opted for Vans instead…yeah good Move guys!

  • Muntz3000

    Funk That. Focus on the Album. Graduation Lyrically was AMAZING!(No pun intended to the actual song he made.) 808 an Heartbreaks was ill. But I’m from the era of Spitter’s. So nothing less Than a classic album(in the sense off actual Lyrics that make you want to light up Zone out and rewind multiple times will be a epic fail.

  • Tanner P.

    Nas= greatest lyricist ever. Classic in the truest sense. PERIOD.

  • first off not a kanye fan at all, second i will never camp for a shoe(i have a job, life, etc), that being said the yeezy’s are ok, i wouldnt mind owning all three but they are wayyyyy over hyped and i wouldnt pay over retail for them, so if they come out with a second pair, its what ever, i probly wouldnt cop or be able to cop, so as swiss beatz would say on on to the next haha

  • maybe a hybrid with the air max 09 total air sole. totail air yeezy

  • OaEsAy

    Please no…most overrated shoe in history imo the pair kanye got on in the pics dont even look good foot and hes the creator

  • TheNaiyaShow

    YEEESSSS THEY SHOULD!!!! And the should come in smaller sizes for the female sneakerheads! :)))

  • The Nike Air Yeezy II would be the perfect place for me to drop a deuce.

  • Kanye shouldn’t be designing shit. He shouldn’t even be singing. He’s a total moron who has let his fame get to his head. HE’S HAD ENOUGH, AND I think we’ve had enough of Kanye.

  • dman

    On the real, before Kanye did what he did at the awards show to Talor Swift, she wasn’t AS famous. AFTER that night, everybody knew who she was. I think home girl owes Kanye a big thank you for putting her on the map…. Anyways, I THINK NIKE SHOULD RELEASE THE SAME YEEZY’S BUT IN DIFFERENT COLORWAY’S. BUT A YEZZY 2 DOESN’T SOUND BAD EITHER. I’LL DEF BUY A PAIR, OR TWO




  • LANDO45

    Man hell yeah jump off kanye sack that man is very creative he is only human you act like your freakin perfect man helll nah but yeah yeezy should release more but they better be just as sweet as the first

  • The yeezys were hot but not enough of them to go around.some people were high on crack when they try to sell them for $1000 and expect to sell them fast I have spent $1000 on shoe before but the yeezy to me are not worth it like that yeah and that’s my option if you don’t like it be the sucker who pays that much. Like I said its on you.


    NO but I wouldnt mind if they re-release the original Yeezy’s. Now that the hype is dead I wouldn’t mind payin box price.

  • Please lets be real these shoes are already designed and ready to go before Kanyes next album drops. When have you ever known Nike to pass up on money and hype. Ever heard of Fusions?!?!…LOL

  • john45/23

    If anything, release the Yeezy in some of the unreleased colorways that he and the G.O.O.D. music fam wore that never dropped.


                                  YEEEZYS ARE WAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!

  • Brandan E.

    this is a good topic G-Roc, should there be a a Air Yeezy II?
    i think it will be ok, but its me already knowing that i will not get a pair the price of those kicks will be sky high. i wanted a pair of the 1st ones but the price was sky high and i cant go that route.
    but i know people will go straight buckwild crazy for them. they gonna want them for the hype and not for the love of the shoe. remember people, get kicks because u like them not for the hype and what everybody else says.


    Umm @ DMAN im not a Taylor Swift fan but I am a Kanye Fan. But what he did was just plain stupid and typical ghetto behaivior. Also to say he put Taylor Swift on the map is ignorant as well. Her album had already been 6x platnium when that happened. No Kanye album has ever reached 4x platnium let alone 6. My second favoite rapper that is alive is Kanye behind Hova. So I’m not some crazy Taylor Swift I just follow the sales charts. Do a little research. Also the Yeezy is the most overated shoe ever. Shit is ugly as hell and if it didnt have his name on it would be in sales racks.

  • Jerronimo

    Naw, just re-release the 1st ones… I like Kanye but overkill is bad for everyone.

  • overrated garbage,i wouldnt wear yeezys to enter a shit kicking competition.

  • supremebeing

    I think they should release a few more color ways of the yeezys not the ones that already came out! If u missed out u missed out! As for the yeezy 2 I think they shouldn’t release and keep the yeezy I as an iconic shoe. Imo

  • lol at matt damon defending taylor swift.the way youll niggaz defend stars is fucking halarious.You think these people care about you people.

  • Mike ( the situation)

    Fuck all of you all

    I’m not gay but I’ll suck KanYes dick bro ,

    is dope

    I’ll drop kick ur ass if u think not


  • WHOA mike likes rapper cock hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah

  • LG

    @Mike somethings you should keep to yourself.

  • JamesBond

    i dont kow if there nice why not but thy should release some diffrent color ways of the fist ones.

  • JamesBond

    haha mike = gay i think so and dont come on here trying to act tough your obvisouly CORNY USING the name mike ( situation )

  • Kanye should release more he designed some very good sneakers. That had great quality materials, a very good shape and very good colorways. I woouldn’t mind seeing an Air Yeezy 2 if it continues with the Futuristic and Bulky early 90s style design that Nike used for the David Robinson signature line.

  • AirJedi


  • thebeast23

    JB’s flight 45’s look betta. no sarcasm….i may hafta cop em too lol…yeezy are str8 hype like yall sayin…wen i first saw em they was hideous…only color i wld MAYB cop is the all black if they had dropped or the black n pink

  • kchinn

    Before and after i read these comments, i knew there was a lotta hate, as well as a lotta love. Thats what makes a shoe special. Tinker hatfield said it best, “when you have greatness in front of you, ur either gonna love it or hate it. U cant please everyone.” Same with Ye, you love em or hate em. He’s that great! And yes, there should be a yeezy 2

  • #1 i think its funny how people talk shit about kanye and how people say they hate the air yeezy…Just because of what he did to taylor… Even though they air yeezy were the most hyped sneaker of last year and were sold out in matter of mintues.. I will still buy his sneaker regardless because their DOPE… His actions isnt going to stop me from buying his sneaker unless if their wack. Which i dont think he is going to release a sneaker that isnt going to sell, just by the way he is. People need to let the shit he has done in the past go, look MJ he cheated on wife thats not stopping me from copping J’s and look at kobe raped some girl or whatever and i still see people buying..Some people need to come there sense’s and not go by what the media is feeding. To the air yeezy II, they have to blow the first yeezys out water and i really dont think he is going to bring them out this year. I really think whenever his new album comes out, thats when they are going to come out….


    @ill will read what i said again I dont like Taylor Swift. But to say that she became famous because Kanye acted like a typical ghetto clown is a false statement. I even said in my original post in the first sentence I’m not a fan of her. I’m a fan of knowing what the hell your talking about. So next time learn how to fuckin read before you talk shit.

  • oathlok

    nah the first were ugly as fuck and hyped as shit. but thats just MY OPINION!

  • Its hard to leave money on the table, but tha first release was so historic/iconic. On top of that, Kanye been so quiet as of late, the hype might no be there…at least until he starts takling about the next album

  • CincinnatiNick


  • matt first of all watch your mouth cause im not with that computer arguing shit.I will admit i misread your comment but now that i did read it you still sound sound like you got some hate in your fucking blood and you still a clown for your ignorant kanye comment.clown!!!!!!!!! why dont you find a roof and jump off.And hold your breath if you think im responding to you after this.clown

  • CrizFresh

    I agree with oathlok it was a over hyped ugly shoe in my opnion…I never really cared about the shoe I though they were too space boot looking for my taste but regardless of why I think it was a pretty historic shoe in Nike history bcuz of its hype so I wouldn’t doubt Nike giving the YEEZY Collection a second shoe!

  • what the fuck you mean typical ghetto behavior matt? huh

  • trulyfresh23

    gotta admit when i see them on feet i wish i had a pair of the black/pink color way but i dont and its in the color ways wud be dope but give it some time..too much heat comin this year already..

  • If they drop and they are dope and are fairly easy to get my hands on then I will cop for sure and so would 95% of people on here

  • Royal Swagness

    Real talk, kanye needs to stop at just the 1st yeezy. he won’t top it and will only keep designing garbage sneaker after sneaker and not never getting it right. just re-release last years collection next year for those who mixed out.

  • Mike the situation and ill will, the two of you morons can take your little hissy fit bitch fight elsewhere. This is a civilized website. Talking about Kanye like you’re in love with him. Get a life, the both of you.

  • if the hype surrounds it like the first one.. i will pass…. i’m pretty sure they will be dope though. JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION

  • Salvygetzfresh

    yes they should release the yeezy 2 . come on look how ridiculous the 1st pair was . but they shouldn’t make them completely impossible to find . they should make them hard to find like any other QS but come on the first pair was ridiculous to camp out for. and I only was able to get a 7 a 6.5 was impossible to find . they should make them size 6 and up 🙂 .

  • a

    noooo more yeezys i think 3 was good enough keep it that way nike !!!!

  • either more yeezys or yeezys 2. i got all three yeezys. i love the design of the shoe but i wish it was better colorways. either way, more yeezys or another yeezy shoe. thanks..

  • Mike ( the situation)

    Bro like bro I will rock you Kid , and by the time you wake up it will be time to camp out for yeezy 5s bitch , kanye is the ish nigga, fuck wrong with you son , I mean dog I’ll fuck y’all up

  • npt

    the first ones sold off straight hype alone so i suppose the 2nd would too.imo all yeezys are wack

  • Converse king i never had a problem wit u but mind your business my man dont try to bethe shoe game peace maker. I was just callin him out cause he sounded a little racist.but whatever f. It

  • FEZ


  • NowTheRetroJordanAmbassador4Life

    Royal Swagness said it best and that’s the complete truth. First Yeezy was sick and no other product that Nike releases will compare. Ye screwed Nike with his LV kicks, so I doubt we will see another Nike & Yeezy collabo.

  • mrpogi1295

    depends on wut it looks like…but sure i’d like to see another

  • XkrispyELI

    it depends on how the air yeezy II looks …



  • blakeolake

    i kno 4sure that another pair of yeezy’s will com out this summer===
    get ready to camp out

  • chicken

    this the first time i been entertained by comments….theese shits gone sell out regardless how many crackers hate on this man….

    mike, u a funny dude bro, no homo…..

  • K-I-double-D

    @ mike gay situation, get da fuck out of here with your gay faggot comments. Talkin bout suckin kanyes dick man your just a groupie. Fuck kanye get off the next mans nuts. Fucken punk homo. I bet you’ll swallow his cum too and get all cum drunk.

  • squeaky soles

    WOW that will be a hella camp out for people

  • chism

    HELL YES!!!!

  • Mike swallows!!!! (doofy voice)



  • dominiflako

    please make it more affordable!!!

  • WTF wit getting off the main subject?
    Anyway the yeezys quality is one of the best in 2009 if not the best.
    They should make a yeezy 2, but I hope it’s not gonna be a low top version.

  • ManfromOZ

    3 cheers for resell prices, praise the resellers, lets pay resell prices! i love the “cool kids” that wait in line and dont even want a pair… just to then off sell it for 2-3-4 times the retail price. So cool, so very cool. They get my respect, thats for sure. Or… they could just get a job? Or… lame ass hypebeasts could just not pay the asking price? Whats your guys limits? …6-7-8-9 times the retail price. I have to laugh at anyone with yeezy’s… it may be a cool shoe… but the truth is, these days… there is a 90% chance you paid resell rape prices for em which means you just a lame-ass wannabee trend following HYPEBEAST! regardless of how cool the shoe is. Blame the re-sellers for your lame self worth. You sheeps! lol. P.s NO kanye… we do NOT know “WHAT YOUR SAYIN”!! You start off the clip saying “know what im sayin’… ummm, no… coz you HAVEN”T SAID ANYTHING YET!!!! Seriously dude, so lame.



  • Lol

  • Shoop

    I don’t think NIKE will be able to top the first Air Yeezys. I don’t want them to destroy the legacy of the first edition by creating something repugnant…yeah, I said repugnant!!!

  • J Flo

    before ya bash kanye first hes an amazing producer nd 2nd the niqqas lyrics nd flows on point if u say opposite ur stupid nd i dont even rele listen to his s***,but idk understand y some1 wuldn want som,ethin to release are ya tht greedy to say no dont release this this or this but only wat i want, if u dont like the sneaker or hate it thats fine then jus dont buy it nobodys gotta gun to yur head i think plenty of shoes are ugly but ill neva say to not release somethin jus cuz i dont lik it cuz somebody else prolly does, cuz remm sneakerhead,aficionado,collector,horder,hater,hypebeast,or casual its jus rubber and plastic

  • J Flo

    o nd ya i think they shuld release think the first pairs were pretty decent have the zens =]

  • airedweezy

    bunch of fucken babies on here
    and retards wtf happen to being a shoehead


    Air yeezy was ugly, such an unorginal shoe.
    Only the material and misc was cool. Seriously his shoe was based of
    jordans… But a two would be cool ain’t hating.
    Can’t believe niggas still on the tswizzle sitch.

  • ncsneakhead

    nah no need to do a two cus kanye isnt mj he dont need to have a whole line of shoes and a two will make the first ones be more generic and not as exclusive…

  • quentho

    i no just drop some more colorways of the 1z that’s out now

  • Dame mike keep that shit to yourself.willing to suck cock for shoe and you say your not gay who else cock do you want to suck jay z to that was just homo.

  • geo

    Fuck dat. Go wid AIR WHEEZY

    now thats something…

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    maybe they should but not really.. cuz i still haven’t seen the 1st Yeezy’s on ppl feet like that… when i do it’s some lil corny lame soft frail @ss over-priviledge f*ggot wearin’ it with shades on scared to look ppl in the eye

    i wanted the black/pink pair but thats way gone so i’ve beennnnnn gotten over the Yeezy’s.. so the Air Yeezy’s 2’s might not interest me now especially with the gay tactics of campin’ out for it (NOT MY STEEZ) & havin’ to obtain it from resellers… man F*CK THAT, ya’ll can have it!!

  • iSETtrenDz

    & word @ RSTFLYYY.. his shoes were inspired by JORDANS! so i think i’m straight just coppin’ more & more JORDANS for my sneaker wall

  • James

    This is probably the only sneaker I’ve ever owned where I HAD…to cop on Ebay at a resellers price. Most other shoes, you have a decent chance to cop at a store, or online somewhere without the hassle of leaving behind a week of your life for a pair of shoes, that in some spots were jacked up beyond retail anyway. The only Yeezy’s I own are the black & pinks..and that’s honestly the only color I think truly defines the Air Yeezy. So if you’re going to release the Yeezy 2’s…just make sure people have a fair opportunity to cop. Many true sneakerheads have responsibilities to pay for other things, such as bills, before they can operate on shoes.

  • sneak-vandal

    Maybe…as long as they don’t ruin the aura of the AY1….I’m diggin’ an AY2


  • moreno172

    im gonna let ya know this much NO the should never release anymore yeezy’s,fuck u if u cant camp out ppl do there research on what they want and go after.i have a life and i camp’t out for 5 days for the black and pink and 24hr for the zen gray im 28yrs old and im a barber i dont take no days off bitch ass so when i want something i go get it.
    i got all three of them and i sold a set $2,700 so that mean i didn’t mean i did lose no money at all…
    the shoe is a classic that’s why you don’t see ppl wearing them like that unless is an over privilege kids
    nike went hard on this kickz,not even j’s are as Sirius as these and i love j’s .


    Come On… Yeezys are mad comfy… ugly, but cause I am Kanye’s Fan, YEEZY should release def.
    The design should be really different though…

  • chedda

    def needs some better colorways the ones last time were whack

  • j

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^what BRINX said…

  • Boss

    All y’all here saying “they wack, made of crap, overrated and blah blah” are the ones who don’t have them. They are the 2nd most comfortable shoe I own in my collection, the materials are BETTER than half the Jordan retro garbage y’all fiend for. But again, if you HAD the shoe, you would know. And I didn’t camp or pay resale price for them either before y’all start talkin trash. Its called being a genuine supporter of your local stores when ther ISN’T a hype shoe so they know that you are really down. And if Tinker Hatfield, the OG of everything that IS nike said “its one of the best shoes HE has ever seen…..who are yall ? Oh that’s right, haters.


  • I’ve got every right to delete some of these comments, and it sounds like some of you are really angry. It has to be deeper than sneakers. What happened? Where’s the ladies at? Some of these guys need a hug. SMH
    With that said, keep it classy, or don’t comment at all. Go exercise that stress off. This is TSG, and we actually have a community based website, and everyone may not agree all the time, but at least everyone respects each other. I promise, I don’t have any kids, but sometimes I feel like a parent on TSG.
    All I’m saying is, GROW UP! A hit dog will ALWAYS holler, so don’t reply to my rant, just take what I’m saying into consideration.

  • j


    All y’all here saying “they wack, made of crap, overrated and blah blah” are the ones who don’t have them.>>>CORRECT AND WILL NOT OWN THEM<<>>U MUST NOT OWN THAT MANY KICKS<<>>IF U SAY SO<<>>ONE OF MANY WHO DIDN”T LIKE THE SHOE<<>>BECAUSE OTHER PPL DIDN’T LIKE A SHOE U PURCHASED or are they PPL WHO HAVE A DIFFERENT “OPINION” THAN YOURS<<<

  • yo g-roc no puns intended home boy said some gay sh** talking about sucking someone off i just had to let kid know.

  • Boss

    Actually, J, my collection is 250+ deep. So, get it right. I’m just not a hype beast. Some people ARE just mad bcuz they can’t get em. How do I know, because when the pics came out were postin how they hoped they would come out.

  • stacks

    release some more with a larger quantityavailable. Maybe do 5,000-10,000 pairs this time

  • I love my yeezys and I would love a part 2.they’ll sell out n people who didn’t get em r gonna hate

  • Deznutz

    If they a gr and not 200 then yeah but that ain’t happening. Dudes is gonna camp out for a month and be on they knee smh

  • The first was cool, comfortable and fashionable. Most of the people who talk about them are just mad because the couldn’t get them at the time of the hype. I had them, wore them, sold them to get my titanium xxiii’s. Thanks k. west! It’s really not a bad looking shoe on. I appreciate his fashion sense. Nothing but compliments when I wore them. The net wss my personal favorite. I’d be interested in seeing how a 2nd yeezy would do.



  • d to the b

    NO — Yeezy’s= FAIL. Move On 2010

  • rockthemnike

    mike is hella gay ahaha

  • moreno172

    u know wat i take it back,nike should only release them to those real sneakerheads that didnt complain cuz they couldnt camp.and for those that had alot of crap to say bout the yeezy’s wat r u guys tryna do convince ppl of your opinion if u didnt like them so wat there’s alot of ppl that not just like them but love them.move on to the next one get some pumas. i love all three of my yeezy’s……lol

  • moreno172

    boss u have 250+ but u dont have the yeezy’s sucka…….lol..its not bout the hype if the shoe was not a great shoe there wouldnt b a hype……

  • moreno172

    after reading more comment i notice boss said he have them,as a man i take my words back sorry but its not bout the hype if the shoe was not a great shoe there wouldnt b a hype……

  • SneakersAreMyLife

    They should…end of story.

  • HalfCentRod

    Yea They Should. I Couldnt Get My Hands On The Air Yeezy 1 For A Decent Price. Smh.

  • George Bush don’t like Air Yeezys…..Should they drop some more?….not right now. It has only been a very short time, they should wait long enough for people to forget about the frenzy….Maybe 2015

  • 23’sInHousTon

    No! im good with jordans and SB’s

  • cg201


  • neego

    yeah that be tight if everyone caould actually buy and afford

  • yeezys wouldnt be as wanted if they werent as limited. so the people whining about it, GO HARD OR GO HOME.

  • ecarter10

    hell yea…..but sell more of them next time burn rubber played me