Show Me Your Sneaker Collection Vol. 36

Khalli Vegas needs no introduction. If you don’t know Mr. Vegas, where the heck have you been? Get caught up here and here. He’s back with Show Me Your Sneaker Collection Vol. 36. Watch the video and don’t forget to vote. Enjoy!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • God bless the OG days. *wipes tears*

  • Once against KV, those Ewings… Get me every damn time… This collection is miles above many people’s, keep it up KV.

  • saalute OG!

  • Speaking of leaving shoes on the roof of the car, I left a pair of Penny 1’s on the roof of my car years ago, BOOOM, they flew off, lol.

  • robbjay

    Etonics. Wow that blew the roof off. And the Cons with the react juice? WOW! IM DIGGIN THIS COLLECTION.

  • Much respect to the OG KV! To even still ave all of those containers of kicks is motivation to stay in the game. Highlights for me, as if every video you have done isnt a higlight in itself, were the following: NYC Marathon adis(sick), Skarns (had the all royal blues), the blue brooks, NBA Cortez knockoffs, and those St Johns dunks. Let me guess…because your a Knick fan you hate MJ and Air Jordans? I guess it’s like how I hate Larry, Reggie, Zeke, and Mushmouth John Starks? GO BULLS!!! Dope video and I look forward to the next installment.

  • J Dizzle { Lou }

    Dope.. KV is deff into the tennis style kix.

  • Boosh

    Dude dropping some crazy knowledge. Dope collection for sure.

  • I agree w/ G-Roc
    there needs to be another level above heated b/c his collection is insane!!

  • Also, he’s constantly posting heat in the community

  • @AlSneaks

    HAHA IM WEAK!! how the hell are 28 people gonna vote “wack” on this collection? was there not enough nicknames or QS/TZ releases in it? this collection is DOPE!!! you don’t have to be into vintage kicks, but being a “sneakerhead” or whatever you want to call yourself. you should at least appreciate the history and diversity behind this collection.


  • BigEmar

    So this is what an old school g looks like

  • ncsneakhead

    his collection is heated but im only 17 so im too young to know what all of it is but deff old enough to respect it.

  • Lem

    That’s what you call an OG in the shoe game. He’s had shoes that my older brother had when I was a kid. I mean kid as in 9 or 10 years old. Much respect to KV. To disrespect this type of history is complete nonsense.

  • Chevyboy

    I wanna be like this dude when I grow up…

  • Chevyboy

    Most of y’all have never heard of a lot of those kicks. I was a young gunna wishing I my parents would buy me a lot of those. Thank you KV for all those memories.

  • RayNC

    Old man has the collection I wish I could have but im not old enough. LMAO

  • Mike P

    That was a nice collection was not fimilliar with some of the brands but the ogs and kepping it classic was really dope

  • BullCitySnowMan

    Lots of variety in that collection Hats Off to KV for this one.

  • puerto-black

    the ewing’s and hill’s are crazy

  • Knokk Shope Musician

    That’s a real collection and he only had one air jordan in his collection, only one and the low top 2’s at that! Man when he pulled out those Hill’s it instantly took me back to first grade, begging moms for a pair, but she didn’t have the money. So my uncle surprised me with a pair, man after every wear I had the toothbrush out until it was time to toss em. I wish I would have held on to those just to look back and see where I got my start.

  • 23edge

    Sweet collection as always Mr. Vegas
    G-Roc fly out to Philly and demand FeetHeat make a SMYSC; also let’s see your birth certificate, I wanna make sure you’re american

  • rallycars

    You know dude has a deep collection when he makes you remember a brand you forgot about. Lotto was big back in my soccer days.

    Those Adidas at 9:26 really got my attention.

    Very dope KV, keep doing your thing.

  • Dope Collection Fam!!! You stay bussing dudes in the head with that “OG” retro heat! Word looking forward to next installment. This is why I Love the Sneaker Game/Culture. KV keep doing you putting the spotlight on classics kicks ya dig. Plus I got a pair of those Lo-top (Diadora’s) the 81 retro release the tennis joints. Never the less I need to get my weight up on the “OG” kicks dig. Keep posting that heat in the community too.1

  • MBall423 aka Honey Badger

    I rated it a Nice Collection. He has a TON of Vintage heat, and his knowledge of all these kicks knows no equal. I have nothing but respect for the variety of brands and the history that comes with them. The only reason I didn’t say Heated was because I just didn’t like how some of the shoes looked; that is just my opinion. I feel like while all of the shoes carry history in them and contributed to other sneakers, some of the shoes in the video just didn’t look good to me.

    And if you don’t think this man wears his kicks, you need to join the community. KV is a regular in the WYAK group and I pretty much see a shoe for the first time in my life whenever he posts. Great stuff KV, keep doing your thing

  • BusyBee

    The Ewings where crazy and when he pulled out those Kevin Johnsons and Grand MaMa’s I ran around my block like Will Farrell saying ….I’m on fire….someone put me out. Help me Oprah.

  • respect

  • AJ head


  • My Man!!! Killin em as always…..the Professor is in the building!!! Great SMYSC homie!!! Soooo much friggin heat, its unbelievable…And we haven’t even seen it all!!!!!!!

  • grind denim

    It was a nice collection and dude knows his stuff but its time to fast forward to the future buddy. I think its time I post a video on some classic 90’s-2000’s kicks.

  • Superdope collection. But 1978 WTF. That’s older than me. Unbelieveable.


  • Orth

    Mr. KV shows everybody what a real collection is.
    Shoes from the 70s and 80s and still wearable… god.

    For all the people voting that this collection is whack….shame on you, man.

  • DC DunKing

    Simply Amazing, I just relived the 80s in a few minutes. I can tell he bought alot of those tennis shoes in DC area, probably Geortown. DC was big into teh Tennis lines, Sergio T, Ellesse, Prince, Diadora and Nike back them. Khalli sets the standard for Vintage, Period!

  • frank

    Great collection and:
    “#Comment by Knokk Shope Musician April 29th, 2011 at 11:00 pm
    That’s a real collection and he only had one air jordan in his collection, only one and the low top 2?s at that! Man when he pulled out those Hill’s it instantly took me back to first grade, begging moms for a pair, but she didn’t have the money. So my uncle surprised me with a pair, man after every wear I had the toothbrush out until it was time to toss em. I wish I would have held on to those just to look back and see where I got my start.”
    ^^^That’s some true shit!

  • Such a nice collection. Got some knowledge dropped on me right there, and I could not have asked for more. So dope. Respect!!!

  • eN whY Kay

    If you voted under Heated, then don’t consider yourself a “sneakerhead” even though I hate the word. MOst unique collection I have ever seen and he dropped knowledge for the kids. I personally didn’t like many of the shoes but I have nothing but respect for his collection.

  • puerto-black

    @G.Roc, is it possiable to get a interview with about hypebeast’s, 1 of 1’s, the death of bape, 1st shoelove, least faverite shoe, why “no” to jordans, all white shelltoes vs all white uptowns, how does he keep shoes double my age so durable and clean, has he ever met any other shoeperstar’s, any ebay scams or comeup’s and who gets the sneakers in the will?……old-fly-smart-sneakerheads are interesting.

  • @puerto-black – Hahaha. I can def make that happen. I’ll speak with Mr. Vegas about that.
    Also, do you leave comments on Rap Radar? Jusk asking because I saw the same screen name in their comment section.

  • soloflight22

    Very very impressive indeed…Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s you have to respect this collection. wow…I will have to watch his SMYSC again…..Didn’t see any PRO-Ked’s in the vid, wonder if those will come up next? Classic Royals??

  • kvegas

    G-Roc thanks as always for allowing me the showcase and as always appreciate of the love from all.

    @DC DunKing- Racquetball & Jog all day long Georgetown in the 80’s

  • puerto-black

    @G-Roc, yep. I always check out RapRadar, Nahright, TheShoeGame, Huffington Post and New York Times(Hip-hop, Poltics and Kicks). Your a sneakerhead and not a hypebeast(Last of a dying breed). Great Blogs are Like Great Newsletters, once you read x amount of smart post’s; you get a reader for life….Keep up the great work

  • @Mr. Vegas OSD Sends a serious Shout! you’ve been Walking Good for Years!

    @G-Roc next should be a new rule for SMYC..let’s see what kind of heat (subject to interpretation) folks can show off when they can’t show Nikes and Jordans…




    That video was AWESOME!!!! I don’t know about half those shoes but I’d wear them. Love seeing something different. Nice Job KV!

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    got to meet at my nike store…real cool dude

  • I should’ve known I was gonna click HEATED COLLECTION

  • Gean Moe

    @ 12:00 min what are the nikes called ??

  • Tre

    You really don’t get to see stuff like this anymore, great stuff!