SN’EADS by REE “Black History Month”

SN'EADS-by-REEThe 2013 Nike Black History Month Collection stepped it up this year by utilizing a tribal print to a few popular models including the Kobe 8. Most people have trouble trying find the right outfit to go with the sneakers. But sometimes, matching the clothes and sneaker can be a bit too much. The latest SN’EADS by REE touches on the subject of when matching goes wrong.

Enjoy the latest SN’EADS by REE “Black History Month”.

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  • aSh

    Lmao… ((face palm))

  • Lololol! “Can I Live”

  • SoleAmbition23


  • DeathOverDesigner

    LMAO! REE’s comics>>>>>>>>>

  • omar najeeb

    Hah! That’s funny. Yo ddnt we see this type of thing in one of the ‘daily photo’ wit the guy wearn bhm sox w/ bhm ‘bron x. That lil bit was a bit much?

  • G-Phi 2K6

    LoL Kwanza Kobe’s

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    HAHAHAHA! Always funny. Nice touch with the Huey Newton chair. Most people won’t get that cus they don’t know their own history.

    Keep it up REE.