SN’EADS by REE “OG Problems”

Since the return of the coveted Nike Air to some classic Air Jordan models has surfaced, collectors around the world worried that their “OG” stocks will plummet. The return of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” has some fans wondering if the “Lightning” version will still hold its value. Well, this latest SN’EADS by REE comic strip shows how sn’eads will try to differentiate themselves from the “newbies”. Even if it means showing off the original packaging. Enjoy the latest SN’EADS by REE “OG Problems”.

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  • shoe guy

    lol boxes are easier to fake that shoes so get ready to be sold some fake boxed..hahahahahaha sad the JB could not just keep making great shoes like ferrari kept making great cars.. fact is JB is nothing without nike..

  • Exective

    Man that box ain’t real! lol! It’s funny as hell to watch those youtube sneakerheads argue over shoes and stuff, grown a ss men arguing over dumb ish.

  • TSGside

    Retroing these OGs are seriously becoming an epidemic

  • SBedge

    I staple the sales receipt to my shirt so Mofos know my J’s are legit

  • Sole Seriouz

    @SBedge lol
    I kinda feel bad for the “collectors” out there….not really.

  • Rlnhrd276

    Haha I sold all my ogs and bought qs and gr.
    I got not use for jz that can’t be worn.
    There will be no confusion on the 3z at all, if sumone is rocking cements with nike on the heal and they still in one piece stands to reason they ain’t og

  • KP

    Hahaha. First World Problems..

  • Executive

    I just randomly walk up to people and point to my sneakers and tell them there OG’s! Lol. F uck a shoe collectors feelings!

  • gotjordans

    LMAO! 😀

  • Lem

    Too funny. I’ve never understood the so-called “exclusivity” of being the owner of a pair of first production Air Jordans. And I’m an older sneaker enthusiast that was around when Air Jordans only released in February and there was no internet that told of what was coming out next week, let alone next year.

    I see these prices for first production or OG’s and I laugh. Most of the time the shoes can’t be worn and are only for display purposes. For collecting only that’s fine but for wear it’s ridiculous to pay exorbitant prices for a shoe simply because it has NIKE AIR on the back. That’s just me though.

  • Executive

    Next thing you know dudes will be getting smoked for calling someone shoes retros instead of the new OG’s.

  • YouDingDong

    JB Fusions are about to be more limited than retro JBs…

  • dmy

    if one only buys air jordans because they think they’re limited, they should be ousted from the sneaker culture.

  • Guess Who?

    Seen a guy sell 2012 thunders on eBay for 400$ because he passed them off as ’06 pair by switching boxes