“Okay, I’m reloaded!” The latest comic strip from SN’EADS by REE will touch on the subject of reselling the recently released Air Jordan 9 Doernbecher. You know the resellers are out there in full effect, but in the end we can’t forget the real reason for the sneaker; the kids. Enjoy the latest SN’EADS by REE “Pollito’s Way”. via @SNEADSBYREE

What do you think about reselling the Doernbecher collection? Morally speaking, should resellers give some money back to the charity or not?

As always, feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Just Kicks

    Hahahaha. This is going on as we speak.

  • haha! Another hit by REE!

  • I tried this morning, but came up empty handed.
    If I was to ever pay the reseller prices, I would definitely have peace of mind knowing that the money would go towards the charity. But of course, we all know that’s never going to happen.

  • Shane D.

    Good stuff. Still pissed I couldn’t get a single shoe from the collection. Makes no sense.

  • Yippy ky- yay motherfucker

    I have a size 11.5 available. Hit me up if your intersted. very fair price. 300.

  • Jay

    Don’t even get me started. NDC is the worst! I’ll leave it at that.

  • mackmizzle

    I have an 11.5 available. Hit me up if anybody is intersted 300 shipped. Cant beat that.

  • solediva86

    i couldn’t even get my hands the a gs size. really????

    why do people say this about resellers though? if they bought pairs from nike, money automatically goes to doernbecher. the resell factor doesn’t have anything to do with doernbecher or nike. all i’m saying is doernbecher still gets proceeds. who cares what people do with them after they buy from nike?

  • 23edge

    Yo yo yo suckas I gots size 9,10, 10.5, 11 and 15 for realz cheap, only $299… fair price, holla

  • JBYRD23

    Hahaha Wooo! Good One Ree!

  • LaQuan 23>6

    @ Mackmizzle email me @ Cash in hand!

  • MM

    Love the message. Lol at 23edge.

  • even the resellers have to pay nike first to get the shoes so…they’ve already given their money to the charity. after that they’re just getting money for themselves

  • Executive

    Yo I got sizes 13, 12.5,11 for the super low hell of a great price for $999.00 aaaaaaand… I’ll pay the shipping! Booya!!

  • mackmizzle

    @LaQuan 23>6 email sent.

  • eh, they paid the retail price and that money went to charity. what they do with them afterwards is their own business.