SN’EADS By REE – “Premature Retro”

Since the introduction of Jordan Brand’s latest and greatest model called the Air Jordan 28, there were endless comparisons to Gary Payton’s signature Nike model. It’s not a surprise because the sneakers share a similar zip up design. Apparently, REE thought the very same thing.

His latest SN’EADS drawing touches on the subject of the similar styling cues of the shoes. It even had Gary Payton confused. Ha! Enjoy the latest SN’EADS by REE “Premature Retro”.

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  • aSh

    LOL… nice… and thanks for keeping GP in a Sonic’s jersey

  • Executive

    I used to think the glove was ugly till the 28 came along! Only good thing about the 28’s is that people probably get hurt over them or sell they’re mamas sofa.

  • kp

    Not my style!!, but the 28’s have that likeness to GP

  • BJ24

    Love the XX8, cant wait to get a pair.

  • 23edge

    I can’t stop laughing at Tinker’s face

  • Towelie


  • come on now everybody knows this shoe is wack and is a gp rip off. just cause u pour syrup on $#!t dont make it pancakes!

  • gotjordans

    Tinker needs more creativity!

  • Boss

    Yung Crac wit the Juice reference. I see you. Lmao

  • SPINS6136

    GP sayin “Change the name all you want son, I better see some royalty checks off these. I know my sneaks when I see em.”

  • omar najeeb

    Yeah, tinker lookn guilty than a mfckr in the ‘stration. Lol. Tinker chanl’n his innr vanilla ice: “its not the same as the glove. See the jumpman on it, that itty bitty changge. Its not the same”

  • Jstar

    The shoe is bad taste….they look like water is it raining yet!