SN’EADS By REE – Reseller’s Dilemma

SN’EADS by REE is back once again, this time tackling one of the most prevalent topics in the sneaker world today: reselling.

REE did his thing with this one hitting the topic right on the head.  Also, be sure to check out REE on Twitter and Instagram: @SNEADSBYREE


Enjoy and discuss in the comment section.

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I write a little here and there for TSG... I'm the Gary Payton of sneakers cause I talk a lot... Follow me on Twitter: @Jawrduhn.

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  • Beanz

    Love the comics, keep them coming. I hate resellers, they are f@$!ing up the shoe game. Get a real job. This isn’t the dope game.

  • imhiphop11


  • soloflight22

    Several reasons why I love this (and I’m sure this was done consciously)—1-Dude looks like a reseller…2-Dude is actually crying, like I imagine some would…3-$800 seems about right for the jerk price..

  • Shane D.


  • Just Kicks

    The cry of resellers around the world! lol

  • solediva86

    lol!!!! this is so true.

  • bdogg

    very sad but very true. waited with my boy for his pink foams..i was there just to make sure things went smooth..dudes there bought like 4 pairs and got other kix to just sell on ebay?? smh

  • W.Baby!!

    I too Hate resellers, But this is different. The people that actually worked hard and got these when they released for $500 deserve to charge a fair resale price.. Mines are still Ds with the jacket!

  • Executive

    Lmao! The only way to get rid of re sellers is to not buy their merchandise. I don’t need a sneaker bad enough to pay these retarded prices for them. And I buy my kicks to wear so if you buy a shoe for $800 what are you gonna do with them? Rock em with extreme caution or do YouTube vids saying there ds over and over again?

  • 23edge

    Last summer I posted an ad online for some Sunset V’s for $100. I had worn them once; in a mall; for less than a couple hours. This kid pm’s me and offers to buy them. We meet up, and then he tell’s me all he has is $80. I’m like, don’t worry about it, it’s cool. Later that week, I go online to check for sneakers, and I find a pair of sunset V’s for $200, lol.

  • I just sold my KD IV Rouges for $160, cold part about it: I got 2 prs from NDC for free! lol Ain’t my fault Nike “accidentally” sent me those kicks, they screwed me over plenty of times.

    Nice illustration R E E.

  • Kicksboywonder

    I hope I can get my hands on a pair of thunder iv’s…in other news, I look forward to REE’s comics. Keep up the good work!

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    REE does it again! Keep it up^ pimpin. I look forward to these.

  • dude in the comic has tits. thought it was a chick.

    i’d like to hear a reseller’s point of view on here.

    as far as the thunder iv’s go, i got a pair as good as copped from my footlocker connection. just waitin for the day.

  • billy

    all yall dummies cryin bout resellers cud care less bout bammas sellin coke/crack to communities huh….this is sooo much better…wud u rather resellers sell dope..shut up n let them live

  • omar najeeb

    Ill be honest. Resellers have saved my life a couple times. But they were people who were selling in-store. Thoseguys I don’t hav prob w/. But mfckrs that hav 3-4 fags wit’em jus to buy up shit to resell, hava car accident b-words!!!

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    8/10 heads resell to keep up with incessant onslaught of releases… Stop being 1000% childish. Pahhh…

  • beanz

    ^billy, I don’t like dope dealers either, but that is what parenting and the police are created for. you must be one of those resellers that I’m talking about. I buy shoes to wear not to make a profit. Don’t need to. I made the comment that is already difficult to get certain shoes cause companies feed the hype. Then resellers make it even more difficult with thisa reselling b.s. ^JayOldPeachstream, I think your stats are relative to this generation of sneakerheads and not mine. we wore our kicks, we didn’t put our in closets.

  • JayOldPeachfiend

    @bean… Wrong. You’re still not getting it… I wore my bred cement 4’s to school before retros ever existed… I’m from Chicago and watched MJ actually run in person… Your comments do not and cannot apply to this TIME PERIOD. Generations has nothing to do with it… With Nike and JB dropping highly desirable pairs EVERY WEEKEND, people could not keep up with this hobby without reselling or being connected. That or you are dumb enough to simply bleed out for every pair… There’s nothing I hate to see more in this game than a kids or men near broke or drowning in debt because they’re devoted to the kick game… and in the mean time their personal lives and futures are being lost on exchange… That juxtaposed with reselling… I could give a fuck… Get off your ass and get in line or else.. Life is full of much more significant challenges. again.. Pahhhhh….
    Back in the day I saw a shoe I wanted maybe once every other month… now it’s every other afternoon. Generations… LMFAO….

  • omar najeeb

    Shout-out to da bo’ @billy. U calln it like u c it.that crab def sounds like. Rsellr. U shouldv jus told him to hava car accident. Bleep him.