SN’EADS x Sneaker Friends 2010

SN’EADS creator, REE was in attendance at Sneaker Friends 2010, and he was inspired by a true story that took place at the event. This SN’EADS strip features MAYOR and a revised version of TSGer Alexthagr8. Hit the jump to view the entire comic.

MAYOR & Alexthagr8

About The Author

Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • lol..

    why cant he take pics w/ yeezys???

  • HAHa, but yea.. why he couldnt take a pic w/yeezys??

  • HAHa, but yea.. why he couldnt he take a pic w/yeezys??

  • winjab

    If you watch his Ustream, you would know why he don’t like the Yeezy’s and the reason why he won’t take a pic with Yeezy’s.


    Hahaha.. That was great.. Before the hate starts I was only cracking a joke.. Alex this is dope.. Keep up the good work

  • John B

    lol damn REE you nailed that one. great work bro keep em comin!

  • Great stuff as usual, REE. LOL @ how small Mayor’s feet are!

  • sneak-vandal

    hahahahaa!! SLAAYYYEEERRRrr

  • Damn, like that Mayor? lol
    R E E, keep em comin my dude.
    @Alexthagr8, that’s a nice triple 999 piece around your neck, fam. Only certain folks know what I’m talkin ’bout. 😉


    Come on Mayor you know you think those Yeezys are wack. I remember you were voting for the Sneakers of the year and you were pretty clear how you felt those. lol I completely agree with you.

  • just wanna make this clear, that MAYOR WAS JOKING. it wasn’t ill intended at all. You know how he feels about Yeezys. I’ve spoken with him and it’s all love. ALEX – wasn’t really trying to portray you as YOU. Hope you understand. Just made this character just to make the joke stronger. IT’S ALL LOVE. I’m a Yeezy owner myself..I love the shoe…I have no problem with Mayor’s opinion about the shoe. Mayor and i have spoken about the comic and IT’S ALL LOVE THERE TOO.

    true stories in sneaker culture like this don’t come around too often and to be witness to it and be able to reflect it to the culture is a blessing. Thanks for your time people. I hope to continue doing this for a long time.

  • Dope job on this one Ree……I know this occurred

  • Eric

    Hook me up with some bespokes Mayor!

  • Tsmooth22

    gotta love the artistic expression this brings =)

  • dope comic…. i was right there… good stuff!

  • koop

    hahaha dope

  • BC

    very nice job. Lovin all aspects of it and that it’s based on a real story is even better. wish I could’ve been there. ….

  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude! I’ve been waiting for some TSG FAM to be made S’Neads famous!

  • winjab


  • LOL good stuff.

  • lol nice nice, when you going to be in one of these cartoons g-roc?

  • GeanMoe

    Lol, Damn I thought he came with the Foodaddy Yeezy’s at first ha

  • flagrant

    STOP you all know The yeezy’s are garbage, if anyone else put them out, they would have been ok at best… Great work on the cartoon though….

  • funny stuff

  • DonRos

    as always great job REE. illustration is funny as hell.


    Matt Damon you right I hate yeezys.. What I was joking about was saying I wouldn’t take the pic that’s all.. Great stuff.. P.S. You could have made me just a tad bit smaller.. Lol

  • LMAO!!! You had to draw me with the “faux hawk” HUH LOLOLOL!! I was about to post a blog about this too REE!! I guess great minds think alike lol. It’s an honor to even being mentioned in one of your works, I appretiate the love. DOOOPPPEEE artwork.

    I knew how Mayor felt about the Yeezys. I wanted to take a pic with him because of his passion for sneakers. I took alot of pics with other sneakerheads at SF 2010, but Mayor happens to be well known. And trust me, Mayor isn’t the only person that doesn’t like the Yeezys. But it’s still love though, because as long as you love sneakers I can’t be mad at cha. Like Mayor said, Wear what you Like. I happen to like Yeezys. I respect Mayor, or anyone who has the love for kicks.

    @Mayor But you could have pick my Yeezys for that giveaway Big Homie, those KOBE IV’s in size 9 was DOOPPPEEE LOL!!

    Thanks for noticing big homie!! Yeah only certain folks know whats up with that triple .999 lol


  • lmao this is great and the yeezys look great even in a cartoon. just like djck told mayor, the yeezy is like a jordan 3,4,5 to us new kids in the game. so please show a little respect n give us a little leeway [if thts howw yuu spell it]] lol

  • REE You are the Man!! Great Comic Piece! I also was there Its Funny seeing this brought to life in cartoon @ Alex Not Scared to Rock ya Yeezy’s Salute wish I had a Pair But Yeh Ree You most Def need to get G-Roc in one of your strips peace!!

  • Hahaha My boy Ree did his thing like always. This is even funnier since I was in the building when this happened lol!


    Lol very funny


    Leeway?! Haha yeah I don’t feel yeezys thatmuch either i respect kanye but it’s like spizikes plus the strap and no net…


  • keith

    mayor is the man.

  • Jerronimo

    Nice artwork main, keep it up!

  • *typo
    I meant It is a honor for ME that both R E E and MAYOR even mentioned me.

  • Yo…everybody…as always…I appreciate the feedback, support, comments, love.

    ALEX – I’m glad you’re cool with it. Whew! I was worried for a see 🙂 I was like, “I hope he doesn’t take this the wrong way.” but, yo…that ish was mad funny when I saw it and I was like, “this is something the heads gotta see cuz it’s TRUE.” but like I said, the other issue was is that I didn’t really know that was YOU until later. I had already had the design…plus i didn’t want it to seem mean spirited either on Mayor’s behalf. THERE WAS NOTHING BUT LOVE AT SNEAKERFRIENDS THE WHOLE DAY AND WEEKEND. FROM EVERYBODY, ATF, BOUNCERS, TICKET GIRLS, TSG, SNEAKERBOX, CORPORATE, WHOEVER…WHATEVER…NOTHIN’ BUT LOVE.
    But, yo, we gonna keep this movement pushin’ and the fuel is in the response…so just keep giving me feedback…good or bad along this journey. PEACE YA’LL.

  • XkrispyELI

    this was a funny one …

  • Dope. LOL at it happening. I took that pic and REE made me look like Sticky213 (not a dig) lol. SneakerDave was there and had the “that was f’ed up face” like “why you cant be in the pic with the yeezys?!” We knew he was joking after calling Alex out during the giveaway and then coming up to him personally to tell him it was all love, but to the casual on looker, I too woulda been like “oh isht he played him!”. Cool strip, and just goes to show you never know who is a witness lol, watch what you say.

  • NZA36