SNEAKER BROKER Documentary featuring 23Penny


Step into the world of reselling sneakers with the homie 23Penny.

I know reselling is a dirty word for some people, but it’s also a business for those who are doing it right. I’m one of many people who can cosign that Z aka 23Penny is doing it right.

He’s not one of the flashy “look at me” resellers that you see flexin’ on IG. Nope! Instead he often times covers his face in photos and let’s his hard work do the talking.

The Sneaker Broker documentary highlights the Yeezy grind, and Z provides insight on what it means to be a reseller. It’s worth your 5 minutes, so watch the mini-doc below.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • I had no idea they call Z the Sneaker Broker. lol! It is true that you learn something new everyday. I love the way this was filmed – great job to Ben and his crew.

  • “im trying to be the best villain there is” hats off to you sir. i think he is right. try hard and get what you want. i don’t blame them. i blame the company 🙂

  • Yep! I understand some people hate resellers but I have a lot of respect for Z. Jordan Brand def put an end to reselling most Retro Jordans.

  • Heezyholly

    I don’t know if I can respect the hustle of sum1 whose basically is one of the problems in the sneaker game. Well at least he not serving dope to feins oh wait ………

  • You can still resell Jordans… just needs to be under retail for most new releases.

  • DJR

    Salute to this man for doing something legal to earn a living and sustaining an actual business and not having to go back to working at KFC. I’ve never had an issue with resellers. Especially when you really think about it they are doing the same thing as Footaction and the others are doing which is selling product for a profit.

  • OG636

    What bot is he using bc I’m about to say F this everyday trying to add to cart to lose. I wanna start playing in the kicks selling game and at some point open a boutique. Love Wish ATL store but feel they are over priced on a lot. I’ll be doing Anesthesia as my real time job and shoe game on the side. My fiancé is backing me on my dreams even though she hates my collection since I don’t wear a whole lot of them lol.

  • Laced Heat

    i call bullshit on if you dont get a pair you arent trying hard enough. With yeezys there is no longer campout its all raffles. You can try your hardest and enter every single online and in store raffle then try to cop on and fail. End of the day the big resellers like him have a network of bot and proxies and potentially get pairs backdoored to them. Guy is making it seem like hes just like everyone else playing a level field.

    Someone who is new to the game and wants the shoe can try to do every possible thing there is to get a pair and still fail yet he somehow manages to cop multiples. There is clearly a backdoor open for him to be able to cop.

    I know some people will call me salty but I actually have multiple pairs of yeezys but again ive been collecting for over 15 years and have built connections over the years to be able to at least secure myself a pair. ive never won a raffle or managed to cop online even went as far as getting a 200 dollar bot.

    It is all about who you know and how many people you have in your camp.

  • I agree about the not working hard enough comment. It’s not like how it used to be with standing in line and online is a joke most of the times.

    Even having a long history with a shop is not dependable. For Yeezys it’s about luck, being really plugged in with a shop or someone high up at adidas or knowing Ye or Kim.

    Or using a bot.

  • Roger_Milla

    And therein lies the problem with reselling. When you don’t control the supply, all it takes is the supplier to flood the market and make your stock of previously valuable kicks worthless

  • Hank Hill

    Lol he says about effort what effort do you do when majority of these resellers use bots

  • Mr.Madison

    Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn……. no shade..glad to see he’s still getting it.. but yeah I dont even need to say it.

  • Sergio Arturo


  • 23penny

    Haha, what’s good, hope all is well over there with you and the family.