Sneaker Con 2013 Atlanta Recap

The Sneaker Con campaign continued its way down to the “Dirty South” and made its first stop to Atlanta, GA on January 5th. The event took place at the YMCA Atlanta and housed some of the rarest sneakers in the country. Overall, it was a successful turn out, and expect Sneaker Con to make its way back to the ATL soon. Enjoy the full recap of Sneaker Con Atlanta 2013 below.

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  • MikeyDrums86


  • BWrightDC

    Looks like the Bred 11 convention…

  • shoe guy

    The challenge was to wear some heat that tuned heads and no one else had in the building…lol
    I was there in some 3M crock print air max 95s that no one had at all…

    posers/hype beasts had on cool grey 9s or 11 breds that just came lame..

    it was a great show though it will only get bigger and better too

  • There are never any cute girls at NY SneakerCons…I’m going back to the durty

  • The NewJent

    If I didnt know any better I would think this is a Footlocker outlet for overstock from Xmas. either way some good looks. Hope to catch the next one in Texas

  • GGil1986

    It was ehhh … Thought it would be bigger. It was a new release convention damn near. I wore my Miro 7s. Met G Roc there super cool dude . Hopefully whenever it returns it’s in a better location and more tables