Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 11 with Joell Ortiz

SFUEpisode11Showbill-300x300Episode 11 Sneaker Fiends Unite podcast with Dallas Penn and Premium Pete powered by invites Brooklyn rapper, Joell Ortiz to the studio. They’ll also sit down and talk with KADOMA from H-Town Sneaker Summit and also discuss about the upcoming All-Star Weekend as well. Enjoy Episode 11 of Sneaker Fiends Unite below and stay tuned for the latest podcast.

Who’s the best NBA player in the game? KADOMA, from the H-Town Sneaker Summit was on the line talking about, the largest sneaker community event happening this year on All- Star weekend. Joell Ortiz a.k.a. Mr. YAOWA illustrates studio life, the comradery within Slaughterhouse and their personal footwear preference. The album is done. Slaughterhouse is set to tour Australia, the States, and Canada. The streets should be on the lookout for a tape to drop in between the madness.

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  • KP

    I’m a slaughterhouse fan, its good to hear all that news about the tour and the mixtape coming out!

  • Mamba

    Yawn…who’s Joell Ortiz?

  • Mars Blackmon

    @Mamba, SMH, he’s only one of the best rappers in the game right now

  • Mamba

    @Mars LOL! Youre funny. I dont mess with him or any of the rest of those slaughterhouse bums