Sneaker Fiends Unite Episode 6 – With DJ Greg Street

The Sneaker Fiends Unite! Podcast hit episode 6 last week, closing out 2012 with a look at a sneaker spot opening, an overview of releases and a special feature with DJ Greg Street.

Peep the description of the episode below along with the podcast and be on the lookout for Sneaker Fiends Unite! Episode 7:

The Holiday episode. Over 3k hypebeasts, showed up to the grand opening of the new Moe’s Sneaker Spot Atlas Mall location, feenin’ to cop some exclusive heat. What went wrong? Find out the lowdown for this major fail from Leo, the Director of Marketing for Moe’s Sneaker Spot. Between NIKE, Reebok, adidas, and Jordan brand; with over 25 sneaker releases dropping this holiday season, which are your most sought-after kicks? ATL’s own, DJ Greg Street a.k.a Mr. 6 o’clock called in and talked about his diverse collection, Sneaker Friends, and his nostalgic hunt for the ‘NBA’ tennis shoe created by Thom McAn to compete with the Chuck Taylors, back in the day.

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I write a little here and there for TSG... I'm the Gary Payton of sneakers cause I talk a lot... Follow me on Twitter: @Jawrduhn.

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  • Christian

    3k hypebeast?? Greg street one the biggest hype beast there is so is mayor and Clark kent…. Grown men taking pics of shoes on twitter and Instagram trying to compete with teens pssss smh grow up those 3k people were trying to get kicks for retail. With all them running sneakers Greg street, Clark kent and mayor better get on that treadmill and get in shape…chumps!

  • TheSneakerDude

    Never too old to love sneakers, especially when you actually grew up with the releases and skipped school to cop back when the OGs were droppin. kids today dont know s hit about no Js, Bos, griffs, barkleys, am90s or 95s or nonr of that shit. Lil dudes need to stay on their LBJs, Kobes and KDs and leave the old school retro game to us. Street said it”Hypebeasts”

  • Big Mike

    Lot of hating on this blog today. Shoe game is a lot like the street gang. Nobody is going to had you anything or make it easy for you. Just got to get out there and get it.(Safely) You go hit on some and you go miss on some. I need them Em4s.