Sneaker Fiends Unite – Moe’s Sneaker Spot Grand Opening

This past weekend, Moe’s Sneaker Spot had grand opening for their new retail store and advertised that they will have at least 600 pairs of the hottest releases of 2012, including the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Dallas Penn went to Glendale, NY to see how the sneaker fiends and hypebeasts felt about the lineup. There was no camping allowed, and the lineup was at a first come first serve basis.

As a result, the “hype” was too much to bear because the grand opening was cancelled. It’s been said that almost two thousand people showed up for the 600 pairs and left home empty handed. No word if there will be another release, so stay tuned to the latest updates.

Until then, enjoy the latest Sneaker Fiends Unite episode below.

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  • Ahder

    Aaaaahhhahahahaha now I’m glade I didn’t show face I new it was gunna b a sick zoo…..didn’t let nuffin goo

  • Shane D.

    DP is the man

  • Executive

    You only see this rodent when it’s some hyped up ish.

  • 23edge

    Lay of off that filthy rodent Executive, don’t you see.. without sneakers in his life, he would have to take a look in the mirror and see the failure he is.

  • My post earlier on SR… LOL funny and sad

    “Damn lol i’m so glad that i don’t deal with stores releases anymore…It was always 70% online and 30% store, but now it’s 100% online…I just can’t stand the stores owners/employees/security treating good customers with no respect… If i can’t cop online, ill have more money to double up on my next fav release lol… I won’t lie its upsetting missing a release and sometimes you have nighmares lol but at the end of the day you will be just fine… That’s just my opinion and good luck to all the real sneaker lovers during this holiday.”

  • Jay

    Why are yall hatin on Dallas? Dude is too funny.

  • MM

    Dude’s vids always have been laughing.

  • Just Kicks

    Moe’s is lame for not opening. What did they expect? They got the attention they wanted so release the shoes.

  • I get hype. I admit that much.

  • Sole Seriouz

    Great publicity stunt. Only right thing to do is a raffle with ID.

  • omar najeeb

    @FistonClothing____I’m tryn to get that type thinkin in my mental too, boy.but I kno ill be disapointd as he’ll if I mis thes plyff 11s. I 2nd that sentiment tho. My fello true sneakrhds y’all be safe.good luk on em relsses

  • Lol this was too funny. “There’s no line for Croc’s”

  • gee

    I new that $hit would not happen haha to much heat